[ENVEX 2018] Emchemtech, exhibits PEM typed hydrogen generator, 'H2Gen'
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2018-06-01 ]  

Emchemtech (CEO, Mun Sangbong) participated in 'the 40th International exhibition on environmental technology & green energy(hereinafter referred to as "ENVEX 2018")' held at COEX from May 30th(Wed.) to June 1st(Fri.) and exhibited a hydrogen generator, 'H2Gen' developed based on PEM technology. (Photo: Mun Changhwan, Assistant manager, is explaining performance property of a hydrogen generator)

This company develops and produces NaOCI generators for sites and hydrogen generators, based on original technology in electrochemistry field such as DSA electrode, membrane electrode zygote.

H2Gen introduced at this exhibition is a hydrogen generator developed only by independent technology, which is a device to generate hydrogen only with water and electrode. Especially, it generates pure hydrogen and oxygen without harmful gas such as carbon dioxide.

This device guarantees high efficiency by high-density running and there is no hydrogen-shortage phenomenon since it directly produces on site. In addition, it is possible to combine with renewable power such as solar energy, and easy to maintain, which saves management cost.

Mun Changhwan, an assistant manager of technology sales team explained, "the DSA electrode developed by our company has been supplied to Hyundai Heavy Industries and acknowledged with its excellence, and the NaOCI generator for on-site is used in 200 places in Korea and other countries," and "H2Gen optimized for the age of renewable energy, is an eco-friendly product which can create hydrogen only with water without harmful gas."

(Photo: NaOCI generator series for on-site)

Meanwhile, ENVEX 2018 is Korea's largest environmental industrial technology and renewable energy trade exhibition, hosted by KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association), and organized by KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), KECO (Korea Environment Corporation), SLC (SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management), KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association and KEIA(Korea Environmental Industry Association). The exhibition is attracting attention as the largest publicity and marketing opportunity for companies to become the leading companies in green growth.

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by Kim, Ki Hong (www.aving.net)

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