[Video] 6 Companies of Korea's promising ICT company, participated Japan's largest IT exhibition 'Japan IT Week' with the support of Daejeon International & Culture Industry Promotion Agency
[ No Woong Rae 2018-05-10 ]  

While 'Japan IT Week' is held in TOKYO BIG SIGHT from May 9th(Wed) to 11th(Fri), Korea's 6 promising ICT companies will participate with the support of Daejeon International & Culture Industry Promotion Agency.

'Japan IT Week' is an exhibition that covers a wide range of IT sectors, from microprocessors to modern applications, and is the largest IT exhibition in Japan for IT professionals. The exhibition will bring together 91,000 industry experts and 1,700 companies, with Japan IT Week consisting of 13 professional exhibitions, and 13 categories listed below.

△ AI & Business Automation Expo Spring △ Software & Application Development Expo (SODEC) △ Big Data Spring △ Embedded System Expo (ESEC Spring) △ Data Storage Expo (DSE) △ Data Center Expo (DATA CENTER Spring) △ Information Security Expo (IST Spring) △ Web-Digital Marketing Expo (Web-Mo Spring) △ Cloud Computing Expo (CLOUD JAPAN Spring) △ Mobile Solution Expo (MOBIX Spring) △ IoT / M2M Expo (IoT / M2M Spring) △ Electronic DIREX Spring △ STOREEX Spring Expo (STOREX Spring)

The companies that participated Japan 'IT Week' with the support of of Daejeon International & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, is expected to read market research and various trends with the significance of participating in Asia representative IT exhibition. The corresponding companies are as follows. △ Mixtainment △Pentas △Mirinae Communication △Puppypop △VREEDU △Deepscentlabs

Mixtainment is a newly-coined word, which Mix and entertainment are combined and a production company for cultural art contents which produces VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), and MR(Mixed Reality) based on animation characters leading the triangle(meaning of 3) culture at this '3D industrial age'. 'VAMA(バマ)' is an abbreviation of VR∙AR∙MR and AI concepts from a unification view and is exclusive contents for 3D media of a new concept which VR, AR, MR and intellectual AI 3D are fused and combined, which are attracting attention as realistic media. In the 4th industrial revolution age, at the point that everything is fused and combined, Mixtainement has designed the exclusive contents for 3D media of a new concept which VR, AR, MR and intellectual AI 3D are fused and combined, which are attracting attention as realistic media. Dancing realistic VR∙AR∙MR contents service an intellectual ecosystem of contents that deliver dynamic sensibility to each user.

Pentas plans to introduce APACAR application. APACAR application, with the start of P2P car sharing service platform of residents in apartments, is a service that could share all products that are needed in life. If you are resident of an apartment, anyone can use the APACAR page of corresponding apartment. With the sharing platform done inside the apartment, you may do car sharing by providing residents with idle vehicles as supply vehicles, and it also provide services that can be used to share or trade private goods as well as vehicles.

Mirinae Communication
Mirinae Communication plans to introduce Indie Game Service Platform 'TingTapGames'. TingTapGamessolves the complicated and difficult process of distributing Google Play, Apple Store, and easily lets everyone use their games with TingTapGamesin drag-and-drop format to easily upload them to TingTapGames. Also, the web introduces the game screen and developer profile to the blog type game playing screen. The game development process can be easily used with introduction of game, development purpose of game, and development process. Users who make games with students or hobbies, not professional game developers, can develop their own development opportunities by receiving feedback through play from many users as the main target layer of the product.

Puppypop plans to introduce intelligence type curation platform 'Willpet' for companion animal only. 'Willpet' is a service that recommends friend, product, and service to companion animal using the crawling, machine running and image analysis. With the technology that corresponds to 'crawling', 'image analysis', 'machine learning' and others, the Algorithms for developing indicators, designing data structures, and identifying trends for data collection are being planned and realized in the view of companion animal and companion, and it is realized so that it could be analyzed by accumulated data. This is expected that will make a valuable data that could do critical contribution in developing the companion culture.

VREEDU plans to introduce reading learning service 'ONnBook' and translation learning service 'WeRender'. ONBook provides a reading learning that raises the concentration through smart point reading learning technology. Through the audio book of native voice, you can lean the high-level practice English listening, and at the same time, you can also learn speech using the voice comparison with native voice. WeRender is a service that provides translation learning of short paragraph every day, which the users can make a group and learn translation with members. It features to increase the translation ability through mutual reference and by learning the translation by each professional field.


Deepscentlabs will introduce smart scent box arom. Smart fragrance box arom allows the user to take the scent to their own devices by putting four scent capsules in an arom box that he or she wants to steer according to his preference, and arom app, which is developed based on IoT technology, this is an emotional device that can control the concentration and spread of scent so that users can enjoy scent that suits their mood and mood. Deepscentlabs, composed of researchers from KAIST, aims to provide small but distinct happiness to the lives of tired modern people through the launch of arom and to provide customized aroma service to individuals.

"The Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency is the supporting organization that supports enterprises mainly in AI, VR and AR as the 4th Industrial Revolution support organization of Daejeon," said Lee Jeong-geun, the head of Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency. Through the industry, we are looking for food for the future and we will be able to grasp the flow through this exhibition".

(Photo: Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency Lee Jung Geun)

Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency Donghae Agency said, "Japan IT week boasts the largest exhibition scale of IT related in Japan, so start-up companies in the Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency are expanding their insights into Japanese domestic market. I am confident that Japan IT Week will handle a wide variety of technology categories, so I have a strong demand for it, and I expect that it will be a great help to test the technology of each of the entrepreneurial teams in the Japanese domestic market".

Park Jae-jin, the head of the Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency, said, "The Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency will continue to fulfill its role as a mecca of entrepreneurship that blends young and old, technology and technology through the new generation convergence start-up campus business".

(Photo: Park Yoo-jin (leftmost person) and Lee Dong-ha (rightmost person) of PARPIPAT company and Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency)

On the other hand, Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency is an industry promotion agency in Daejeon for Information Technology(IT), Software(SW), and Culture contents Technology and has a goal to realize a creative economy through convergence between ICT industries, and innovation which are based on ICT technology accumulated around Daedeok valley and the excellent ICT industrial environment in Daejeon. Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency supports excellent ICT companies for their successful overseas market entry with overseas exhibitions.

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