[Japan IT Week] PuppyPop 'Willpet' service to have an opportunity for market verification in Japan and to seek for overseas market entry
[ No Woong Rae 2018-05-09 ]  

PuppyPop participated in 'Japan IT Week' held in Tokyo Big Sight from May 9th(Wed.) to 11th(Fri.) with support of Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, and introduced 'willpet', an intelligent curation platform only for companion animals.

Willpet developed by PUPPYPOP which is a company where companions with their pets always study for happy accompanying, is a service to recommend friends, products and service using crawling, machine running and image analysis. Puppypop have thoroughly planned index development to collect data, design of the data collection structure, and algorithms to predict tendency in the view of companion animals and companions, so that the data can be accumulated and analyzed. It is expected to make valuable data which can decisively contribute to mature the culture of people living with their pets.

In addition, willpet has a function as a start, which helps companion animals to be the main character and make friends around, and is a platform to recommend friends or preferable products by analyzing the uploaded pictures.

Yoon Seonbin, a director of PuppyPop said, "we'd like to have an opportunity for market verification in Japan which has advanced culture of companion animals, and the advance willpet service through this exhibition," and added "I hope this will be meaningful to establish a partnership with local distribution companies."

On the other hand, Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency is an industry promotion agency in Daejeon for Information Technology(IT), Software(SW), and Culture contents Technology and has a goal to realize a creative economy through convergence between ICT industries, and innovation which are based on ICT technology accumulated around Daedeok valley and the excellent ICT industrial environment in Daejeon. Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency supports excellent ICT companies for their successful overseas market entry with overseas exhibitions.

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