Innovative System that Technology and Design Met, YOLK's Solar Charger 'Solar Paper'
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-04-26 ]  

If you observe the people on the subway, everyone is focusing on the small screen inside the mobile phone. Like this, Korea has high frequency of possession and use of IT device that fits the tile of IT powerful nation.

People tend to show anxiety symptoms if the battery is in shortage. 'Portable Supplementary Battery' is the thing that people carry normally to solve the anxiety and inconvenience for the battery shortage. However, to see the supplementary battery as the 'Best Solution', some part is lacking somehow. It is because you have to face the 'Battery Shortage' problem as it has to be continuously charged, and as the usage time increases.

Recently, the solar power charger 'Solar Paper' is receiving global attention that could solve this problem. YOLK's Solar Paper, that has received the Innovation Award in world's largest International Electronics Product Exhibition CES in 2017. What will be the reason that it is receiving attention from global market beyond Korea? We have met the CEO Jang Sung-eun of YOLK and had conversation about YOLK and Solar Paper.

The CEO Jang Sung-eun of YOLK said, "Doesn't the yolk of an egg look like sun?" and told that the YOLK has the meaning of 'egg yolk'. Him, who wants to make a company that supplies energy to several devices with solar energy as the yolk supplies the nutrition. He said, "I wish people to use the electric devices more easily, conveniently in a casual way, and that is our company's mission".

YOLK's solar power charger 'Solar Paper' is an innovative design convergence technology that connects the solar panel using the YOLK's ultra-high efficiency solar power technology and magnetic connector. It is thin and light like paper unlike the previous charger that is heavy and rough. Since the Solar Paper is solar power charging method, it is possible to charge without electronic outlet and is made in sophisticated design. By using the ultra-high efficiency solar power cell process, it has fast charging speed and the smartphone can be fully charged only in 2 hours and half. The remaining amount can be checked real time through LCD screen, and if the sun is lighted, it automatically restarts the charge.

Other features are as follows. △ High efficiency(panel 22%, Cell 24%) △Portability(Thin and light solar power panel of non-frame Mono-crystaline) △Magnetic Connector (The expansion of the power can be done immediately through the behavior of attach and detach without cable by the electrode of the magnetic) △Auto-reset(Stable charge is possible as it resets automatically even the shadow passes). Corresponding functions have good usability as it does not only mingle with existing outdoor but also the life of the business people.

YOLK has manufactured the solar power module which is the smallest size in the world with the excellent technology for the single crystal solar power cell. It is a solar power that could produce 2mA in 0.5V with the size of 5mm X 3mm, it have currently developed various size's solar power module. It have eliminated the inconvenience that the user's have to attach the solar power module to High pass, IoT device and others to charge the battery continuously. Corresponding products have the most high solar power photometric efficiency in the world, and this means that it could produce more energy in the limited size.

Meanwhile, currently YOLK is preparing the new product. The CEO Jang Sung-eun of YOLK said, "In this August, we plan to introduce the new product actively by launching it to Kick Starter". He also commented that, "I would like to give help to developing countries like Africa using the solar power" and also expressed his intention for advance into overseas market.

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