'Healing Fair 2018' Opens! Introduces Lifestyle that can Heal Body and Mind of Modern People
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Korea's largest healing exhibition 'Healing Fair 2018 – Healing Brand Fair & Healing Life Fair' have opened today (6th) in all exhibition hall of Yangjae aT center.

This Healing Fair held by Healing Industry Association and eZ Worldwide Co., Ltd. is Korea's only healing theme exhibition that introduces excellent product and service that have been specialized with healing in one place.

Healing Fait that 150 companies of a total of 5 field participates

With the theme of '101 presents that I give to myself', Healing Fair 2018 introduces special healing items and healing methods for special I, and is composed to directly experience it. In the Healing Brand Fair Hall, that is participated more than 100 companies, is prepared with specialized 5 theme zone by industry, such as food‧beauty‧play‧city tour‧living, enabling I to purchase healing items for myself.


This year, about 150 companies that are involved in food and tourism will release about 500 kinds of healing items, such as 'Jeollado Millennium Pavillion' of Jeollado's Special Pavillion, Jeju Tourism Association, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Tourism Promotion Bureau of Macau, Forest Welfare Promotion Agency, Nonghyup Hanaro Distribution, Middle-aged Women Farmer CEO Center Association, and others.

Apart from that, it is officially supported by Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Foods Department, Forestry Agency, Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation and Woongjin Food (Haneul Bori), Chichera Forest, Meditation Yoga and others, and for the overseas, Japan Organic EXPO and Japan Healing Fair sponsors and participates and the India's One World Academy will participate as a new overseas partner.

Meanwhile, in the Healing Life Fair Pavilion, there are experience programs and other events to compare various healing solutions for myself. It is expected that there will be a wide range of participation as well as explosive response of young people in 20s and 30s as there will be various events done together with specialists such as, healing stage that is yoga‧meditation‧Pilates‧fitness lesson program, healing class that could cure the mind with art‧craft‧flower‧hobby, and healing clinic and healing seminar that diagnosis my healing condition and prescribe.

Especially in the Healing Seminar, 'Healing Agriculture Industrialization Strategy and Technology Development Symposium' that is jointly held by Rural Development Administration National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science and Healing Industry Association will be progressed on April 6th(Fri). In addition, the special lecture of Doctor Lee Si-hyung, who is Korea's best psychotherapist will be held on April 6th(Fri) with the theme of 'Thankfulness, Impression and Happiness'.


Healing Fair 2018, that has been upgraded one step more
This year's healing fair will be progressed with more upgraded version. First of all, two types of co-hosting event at the same time. Worldwide TEA Institute in Canada ITEI(Int'l TEA Education Institute) will jointly host "ITEI TEA Master Championship", and 'Yoga Journal Live', the United States famous yoga event will be held in Seoul, Korea for the first time in Asia.

Held for the first time in Asia, "Yoga Journal Live Korea/Asia 2018"
Yoga Journal Live is a famous yoga event globally that United States Yoga Journal Headquarter hosts every year by making a tour to U.S. region(San Francisco, New York, San Diego, etc). For the first time in Asia, the Yoga Journal Live will be hosted in Seoul, Korea. You will be able to experience the in-depth curriculum of famous teachers from home and abroad for the first time in 2018, and a total of 24 programs and 17 top instructors can be found in one place.

ITEI TEA Master Championship 2018
Korean campus of Worldwide TEA Institutein Canada ITEI(Int'l TEA Education Institute) and Healing Fair will host TEA Master Championship(TMC) 2018. ITEI TEA Master Championship is prepared to enjoy the TEA, known as the icon of healing, and to introduce it more interestingly and professionally. Particularly, 'blending tea free tasting meeting' of participant for the audience will be held together, and it will be a place to check the public reaction to the participants, and visitors will have a place to enjoy tea.

Various experience contents of participating company
The participating companies as well will progress a various experience program in the booth. A variety of experiences, demonstrations, and tasting programs are held, including experience of culture contents VR of Korean Culture Information Service, experience of wine foot bath of Youngdong Wine Study Society, demonstration of martial art of world martial mastership, future high protein food experience of Fabre Insect Research Institute, experience of mandala thread top play of Gomushin school, diagnosis of constitution of Jeollamihayng and food tasting session based on constitution, a traditional tasting experience of Dure Village, an ear therapy experience of Celbio, and an aromatherapy hand massage experience of creAttar.

'Healing', which emphasizes healing of mind and soul, is established as a trend in modern life trend. In particular, to N4generation or generation work-life-balance, healing for the people who are tired of reality is becoming an essential factor in their lives. If you see 'Hyo-ri's guesthouse' or 'Would you like to rest today?', 'Small house in the forest', movie 'Little Forest', and see that the healing related books are taking more than 70% of top 10 best seller, won't this be the proof for this? To myself that lives in the endless worries and concerns, and to you who have lived busily and hard, what about preparing a healing present for 'Rest' and 'Charge' for a while?

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by eunjung yu (www.aving.net)

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