[International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea] Keukdong Energy shows Economical and Efficient 'Solar Heat Boiler' and 'Solar Heat integrated Hot Water System'
[ No Woong Rae 2018-04-05 ]  

Keukdong Energy presented an economical and efficient 'solar heat boiler' and 'Solar heat integrated hot water system' at the 'International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea' held in EXCO, Daegu from April 4 to April 6.

Keukdong Energy, which is a registered expert for new renewable energy, has been supplying energy and heating facilities of buildings for the past 10 years, and has been developing and implementing complex energy system which saves heating & electricity cost up to 80%. The system is compatible with the existed system, to be installed easily, saves heating & electricity cost significantly, is already installed in many places across the country, and receives positive response for the customers.

The solar heat boiler shows semi-permanent life due to the interior & exterior of the manifold made of stainless 304, and has excellent insulation performance due to high density urethane foam. In addition the film of the vacuum tube for the selective absorption, which converts sunlight to heat energy, increases the absorption rate to more than 95% and reduces emissivity to less than 6%. The cost for heating & hot water is therefore saved by the performance and by digital control system as well.

(Photo: Solar heat boiler of Keukdong Energy)

Solar heat integrated hot water system enables easy use of hot water by instant heat exchange, enables safe use maintaining stable water temperature, and has cost advantage with reducing the cycle of water filling, prevention of scale, increasing the life span, and non-pressure tank.


(Photo: Solar heat integrated hot water system)

General manager Kim Yong Ho of Keukdong Energy said, "We have many patents on using new renewable energy, therefore have been meeting overseas buyers to work together with overseas companies which lack the related technology." and when he was asked about the impression of International Green Energy EXPO 2018, said, "There seem to be arranged places where we can see the various technology of other companies and communicate each other. We'd like to participate and promote Keukdong Energy next year too."

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