[BEST OF International Green Energy Expo] Daesung Group, selected as TOP5 with Solid Refuse Fuel Business
[ eunjung yu 2018-04-04 ]  

Daesung Group was honored with 'BEST of International Green Energy Expo' at 'International Green Energy Expo' held in Daegu EXCO for three days from April 4th(Wed) to 6th(Fri).

'Best of TOP5' is 5 companies selected by Global Media Aving News considering trends, growth rates and promising, among participating companies in the 'International Green Energy Expo'.

Daesung Energy, a main company of Daesung group, supplies city gas to 1,110,000 demands (as of Dec. 2017) including Daegu, whole area of Gyeongsan city, Goryeong-gun, some area of Chilgok-gun and so on. In addition, it has built and operated 12 CNG charging stations directly within the supply zone besides supplies of city gas for household, industrial, and commercial use.

CNG charging station business of Daesung Group is a business to produce high-pressure compressed natural gas(CNG) and charge natural gas vehicles equipped with pressure-resistant vessels with the gas. Natural gas vehicles reduce over 70% of ozone-influenced substances and the gas is lighter than air so it spreads quickly when it spills out, which has no risk of explosion. Above all else, it gets the limelight worldwide as an alternative energy.

At 'International Green Expo', the biggest reason that Daesung Group was selected as TOP5 was because it is actively promoting the ‚Private Investment Business of the Daegu Solid Refuse Fuel(SRF) facilities'. This is expected to help revitalize the local economy by producing new renewable energy from SRF which is buried and incinerated, and installing eco-friendly waste disposal facilities. This business has been proceeded since July, 2016 and will be operated by July, 2031.

Daesung Energy, a member of Daesung Nergy Safety Inspection Team, Kim Jeongu said, „We want to be a company that can offer solutions even for the problems of water and food shortage, beyond just an energy field. He continued on saying 'The public service providing solutions for energy, food, and water shortage, the SolarOne project has been stopped for temporary, but we will think deeply and develop further in the future.

On the other hand, the 15th International Green Energy Expo is an exhibition specializing in renewable energy, which is representative in Korea and this year in particular, it has been integrated with LED industry exhibition, which has made the exhibition bigger. Thanks to the growth of the solar and renewable energy industry, the participating companies has increased by 30% and approx. 280 companies (800 booths) were gathered. Even overseas buyers were increased to 85 companies, by over twice than last year. At International Green Energy, the visitors can meet exhibition fields such as solar energy, ESS(energy storage system)&battery, smart greed technology, wind power, new renewable energy and at LED industry exhibition, the visitors can see items such as indoor light, outdoor light, marine fish, display, agriculture, medi-bio, sign materials.

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by eunjung yu (www.aving.net)

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