[MWC 2018] Clair, introduced Small Air Cleaner 'Clair B2' enhanced with Portability
[ Myungjin Shin 2018-03-02 ]  

Korea's air purifier specialized company Clair (CEO, Lee Woo-Hyun) has participated in the Global Start-Up Exhibition '4FYN(4 Years From Now)', co-hosted by Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain and introduced small sized air purifier 'Clair B2'.

'CLair B2' is the successor to the original portable air Purifier 'B1' that features a myclair app linked with built-in rechargeable batteries. The front and back sides also had patterned inhalers to increase the amount of air drawn in, and were designed to be more modern.

This product is portable and has built-in Bluetooth speaker and battery for easy movement. Although most small size air purifier's products do not have filters, these products incorporate their own developed electrostatic dust collection filter. In addition, the plasma ioniser and carbon filters were added to achieve a total of three stage cleanup.

The design of the upper head section can be turned in any direction, allowing clean air to be delivered directly to it.

Clair will release this year a large air cleaner available in the living room, as well as a large one available in a wide range of spaces, including cafes, hospitals and schools.

Meanwhile, the Global News Network, Aving News reported the most issues of CES, MWC, and IFA, which are world's top three tech exhibitions, during last 11 years. It is sending special reporters to MWC for this year as well; reporting major issues in the world market and introduce Korea's major companies all over the world. Currently, Aving News is covering and reporting more than 300~1000 overseas exhibition news every year.

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by Myungjin Shin (www.aving.net)

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