[BEST OF MIK MWC] Twouz, introduced 'Management and Solving System of Property in No Use'
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-02-28 ]  

'Twouz' has participated in the global Start-Up exhibition '4YFN' that was jointly held with 'MWC 2018' as Smart Venture Campus Joint Booth, and was selected as 'best of mik @ 4YFN'.

'BEST OF MIK @ 4YFN' selected only excellent companies among '4YFN' exhibitors, and selected companies will be given opportunities to press pitch with foreign journalists such as USA, China and Germany. Furthermore, it becomes the subject of Top3 selected by global media.

Twouz, founded in Aug. 2015 with supports of smart venture campus business, has developed a system to manage and handle the property in no use of corporations and provided a service with the system. After Twouz has been chosen as a best start-up company in 2016 and received the commendation(No. 13757) from director of the small business administration, the company has achieved venture certification acquisition, 6-month challenge platform business, and accelerator link support business and now it has grown up to the size with 7 developers.

The main services are 'Twouz service' to register, manage and trade the property in no use of corporations and 'Twouz.Cabinet' application to manage the history of the property in no use. In addition, the company has launched 'Sellee', a promotion shopping mall, to provide the service in a discounted price by incorporating an advertising platform with mobile products and real sized products since Dec. 2017, which has been expanding its business range.

Twouz, a service of managing corporation property in no use and intermediating transaction, is an All-in-one service to get it done from registration to management, transaction registration and closing on a mobile platform, so it can be easily used in industrial sites. When it comes to management and transaction, it also provides a service of value examination module to inform the users the exact value of the property and current status panel to show the statistics of current property. Along with these, the company has developed a function of 'Partial Purchase' in order to trade the same material from different suppliers and registered the patent (A partial purchase system of nonessential property and partial purchase service), and now owns it.

In addition, on 'Twouz.Cabinet' application to manage the history, has adopted OCR technology which recognizes the existing documents, register and manage them. This enables the textual records to change into digital documents and to be searchable and manageable. The company has adopted, registered the related patent (word organizing system and method based on recognition of optical characters) and now the company owns it. 'Sellee' service is now selling the real-sized products in 10~15% discounted price through advertising and the company will expand its range with their mobile products afterwards.

Twouz is in preparation for overseas market entry with management of corporation property in no use and transaction intermediation service. They consider European market as well as Southeast market and for this, they are conducting market analysis and research. For overseas market entry, they are looking for a partner who would help with analysis of the relevant markets and localization, and investors for improvement and development of the service.

Ryu Han-jik, CEO of Twouz said "Google is my role model" and "I'd like to make an atmosphere that my employees discuss freely and seek a new value just like Google."

On the other hand, the Smart Venture Campus, which is in the process of supporting companies, runs a variety of projects to discover and nurture talented young CEOs and specialists in the areas of apps, web, contents, SW, and convergence. It also helps promote the start-up of a pre-founder with a creative identity and actively supports the growth of early-start companies. The 4YFN also plans to actively support top domestic companies.

Meanwhile, the Global News Network, Aving News reported the most issues of CES, MWC, and IFA, which are world's top three tech exhibitions, during last 11 years. It is sending special reporters to MWC for this year as well; reporting major issues in the world market and introduce Korea's major companies all over the world. Currently, Aving News is covering and reporting more than 300~1000 overseas exhibition news every year.

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