Strengthen Global Competitiveness through 'Convergence and Innovation' Opening of '2018 Daegu International Textile Show Preview in Daegu(PID)'
[ SunKyu Lim 2018-03-07 ]  

'2018 Daegu International Textile Preview in (Preview in Daegu, hereinafter referred to as, PID)' opened today in the Daegu Exco Exhibition Center.

This year's Fashion Business Exhibition, '2018 Daegu Fashion Fair(DFF)' and '21st International Textile & Machinery Exhibition' are being held simultaneously, drawing keen attention from the industry as it introduces a new model for global marketing of its export business through convergence between textile industry streams, including some 550 domestic and overseas companies ranging from textile materials, fashion and textile machines.

Lee EuI-yeol, chairman of the Daegu International Textile Show's organizing committee, said, "We will strengthen the competitiveness of the global market by ensuring a united response by hosting simultaneous events between the streams of the textile fashion industry and helping local textile and fashion companies to diversify their export markets".

The PID(Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile Industry Association), which marks its 17th anniversary this year, is seen that counseling are expected to be active as it strengthens the linkage with the local market by expanding textile exports and attracting domestic national brands and designers, Dongdaemun market buyers, due to 300 textile manufacturers in 14 countries at home and abroad and 175 overseas buyers ' participation from 22 countries.

As a Korean participant, Hyosung and Kolon Fashion Materials participate with major suppliers, and major companies such as Youngone, Pangrim, Shinhung, Derkwoo, Wooyang Advanced material, as well as marketing support centers such as Korea Textile Marketing Center (KTC), the Daegu Textile Marketing Center (DMC), and the Gyeonggi Small and Medium sized Business Cooperative Support Center (G-KINT) will support marketing by participating with member companies.

In addition, consultants will be progressed as new products that adjust to the market trend and the recent changes in the sourcing environment has been launched, such as environmentally certified materials, Work-Wear and special uniform materials and raw functional fibers that are closely related to living such as, anti-heated, Antibiosis, heated, cold, absorbed guilt, UV protection, and smell leading the global textile market.

Industrial materials include high-tech new materials such as clothing, home use, industrial use, and military use, and products with technological competitiveness in each field. As a high-performance fiber material with high value added recently, Korea Textile Development Institute will provide high-intensity fiber materials and related materials for defense. Daitek Research Institute promotes business through 'Waterless Color Industry Promotion Project' and 'Material Component Integration Alliance Project'. Gyeongbuk Techno Park Natural Material Convergence Research Center, features copper heating materials with high internal combustion resistance, which reduces the risk of fire and prevent the release of electromagnetic waves, using hemostat gauze, electromagnetic shield with metallic fiber, carbon fiber that helps coagulative by supporting the formation of fibrin through blood and ion bonds by Containing ketosate, a natural polymer.

Foreign buyers include China's leading fashion brand, Shanchai (3 COLOUR), GVSSJEE (GVSSJEE), and D-Harry. U.S. famous brand's biggest product supplier, Philippine LHK Creation and Shinhan Apparel (Shin Han Apparel) including J.Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Lands End and DAMO TEXTILE, which is the supplier of over 900 Boutiques in the United States, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Korea, and more than 15 major department store, and Emmanuelle Khanh, a famous French clothing brand, will participate in the consultation.

In particular, the U.S., Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Dubai are drawing attention from the global sourcing managers of local textile manufacturers, including the chairman of Guatemala Textile Industry Export Organization (VEXT), and other emerging markets in Asia.

Local buyers will also be able to participate directly with local merchants by participating in Dongdaemun Market and major brands and sports brands such as Shinseong Trading Company, LF, K2 Korea, Shinwon, E-Land Group and Hyungj Fashion.

Under the slogan "Convergence and Innovation", will also find new growth engines for future textile industry preparing for the fourth industrial revolution era through composition of various exhibition products including high-functional materials, industrial materials with advanced IT technology, and 3D printing by the suggestion of material, fashion, technical information.

You can see 35 different patents and products such as, Anathermal material that proactively manage the heat to control the perspiration, the cold, and comfort before the wearer realizes the heat and cold through continuous fine climate control between the skin and clothing of the Hanil Industrial, and environmentally-friendly fabric, a recycled yarn made by recycling PET bottles through weaving, dyeing and processing, and Songi Textile's 3D fabric containing air. In addition, it is expected to attract and participate in various experience programs such as fabric, art, and painting.

'Brand & Tech Convergence Pavilion' will be established to operate differentiated specialized materials and brand products of local textile companies. It will introduce new products to foreign buyers, featuring three zones - Functional, Patented Materials, Bedding & Textile Design and 3-D & ICT Technology Information. You will be able to meet 35 different patented materials and products

Other local fashion shows for collaboration with local manufacturers and designers, '2018 Fabrics & Fashion Exhibition', and the '2018 Global Textile Vision Forum (TEXFO)', the sixth annual international forum will be held in conjunction with the conference of the Korea Chemical Processing Association on the subject of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the advancement of the fabric fashion industry's structure, and other events will be held over the next three days, including the Renjing Korea Technology Information Seminar, the Textile Experience and Fashion Show.

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