[Best of MIK MWC] Libest, plans to introduce LiFlex Strap, the Apple Watch Wireless Charge
[ eunjung yu 2018-02-25 ]  

Libest(CEO, Kim, Joo-Sung) will participated in 'MWC 2018(Mobile World Congress)', that will be held in Barcelona, Spain from Feb. 26th(Mon) to Mar. 1st(Thu) and was selected as 'best of mik @ mwc 2018'.

'best of mik @ mwc 2018' is the one that have selected the promising company among the participating companies in MWC 2018, and the selected companies have opportunity to do press pitching with foreign journalists from United States, China, Germany and others in MWC 2018, and furthermore, they will be the Top3 that global media selects.

In 'MWC 2018, Libest will introduce 'LiFlex Strap' mounted with flexible battery that could charge Apple watch wirelessly for the first time. Libest is a company that researches and develops the next generation secondary battery. The main product is 'LiFlex', which is a flexible battery that can output high energy instantly. Therefore, it is expected to be more practical for wearable devices than existing flexible batteries.

(Photo Description: 'LiFlex')

The existing Apple watch was disadvantageous in that it could not be used because the mobile phone could not be moved for 2 ~ 3 hours due to its low maneuverability because it could be charged only by unpacking and attaching it to a magnetic type wireless charger. To make up for that, Libest has built in its "LiFlex" battery into the strap, and developed a product that can be recharged wirelessly with the use of an Apple watch while the Apple watch is worn on the wrist.

Apple watch only supports self-induction wireless charging, which this is less efficient than charging the device directly to the connector. Therefore, the wireless charging method cannot achieve 100% capacity of the battery built into the strap. Libest's technology is able to mount a battery with up to five times the capacity of an existing Apple watch battery in a 'LiFlex Strap', but this does not mean that Apple watch usage time will be extended equally 5 times. However, this means that if the efficiency of the wireless charging method is higher than that of the direct charging method, the use time of the Apple watch can be increased to about 5 times.

(Photo Description: 'LiFlex Strap')

The officials of the company said, "If you carge the 'LiFlex Strap' once in two days, you can use the product for at least 2 years without any problem with battery performance", and added, "Compatible with all existing Apple watch series and battery capacity is directly related to the thickness of the strap, so in this MWC 2018, we will determine the final performance and design after a consumer survey". Libest said that it plans to launch crowd funding in the first half of this year and launch products in the first half of next year.

'Daegu Techno Park Mobile Convergence Center' that is on support, progresses marketing support business for the international authorized qualification business, research & development business, technology support business global market advancement including new business global competitiveness strengthening business. Like this, it is providing high quality service to the companies by constructing various solution support systems. Daegu Techno Park Mobile Convergence Center', plans to support the Korea's promising companies in this MWC 2018 as well.

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