[Preview MWC 2018] Continental, Suggested the Future of Mobility with Seamless Connected Technology at MWC 2018
[ eunjung yu 2018-02-25 ]  

The global technology company Continental, will introduce the contents of change that Continental is implementing in the Mobile World Congress (hereinafter referred to as, 'MWC') from Feb 26th to Mar 1st.

From April 2018, all new cars in Europe must be equipped with an integrated SIM card so that emergency calls can be made in the event of an emergency. Vehicles are part of the digital ecosystem and are transforming into effective mobile devices.

President Helmut Matschi, who is a member of the management board and the general manager of interior operation headquarters commented, "Following smartphones, now even vehicles are included to eCall system this year. Now, the vehicles has to harmony smoothly in user's digital daily life" and explained, "In the MWC, we will show seamless online connectivity and comprehensive cyber security is as important as combine to make mobile devices and intuitive smooth operations".

To drivers who want to extend their digital lifestyle to the realm of driving without any restrictions, sustainable and high quality mobile network coverage is a very important factor. However, as low bandwidth and speed delays occurred, it has developed Predictive Connectivity Manager to improve these problems in many areas. Predictive Connectivity Manager, Collect data about the network quality of the road on the driving route through crowd sourcing and based on this, it creates a map on back-end server (for example, Continental.cloud) that shows the available mobile networks and network quality in your area, and analyzes data to predict network connection strength and optimize data and channel management.

For example, based on the predicted results, this solution can inform the driver in how many minutes the call will end, and when the network will be in possible condition to resume the call. In addition, by detail adjusting the priority order of the application that is on the background condition, by reducing the bandwidth allocation for downloading software updates, you can keep streaming music you are currently listening to. Also, accurate and up-to-date network information is crucial for future autonomous vehicles to determine their path, and for this reason the role of predictive connectivity managers will become very important. For example, if the predictive connectivity manager detects that it is difficult to download a high-resolution, up-to-date map in a low-bandwidth state on a road that is expected to travel, HD maps of the route can be received in advance.

President Helmut Matschi commented, "The car itself is becoming a mobile device, and the various integration of smartphones is also becoming an important factor in maximizing the user experience. Continental plans to introduce an intelligent vehicle access solution using virtual smartphone keys at MWC".

With this solution, car rental companies as well as consumers can benefit from a more convenient environment. Continental's 'Key as a Service' technology has partnered with the AVIS Budget Group to provide key-less vehicle access and engine start authorization systems in the aftermarket with end-to-end end-to-end mobile rental experience. This technology provides scalability to speed market entry without the need to change the electronics or change the architecture of the vehicle, depending on the manufacturer, model and region of the vehicle, and it is applicable to the hardware including the service, and it is easy to modify and change it.

Continental's portfolio also includes automotive manufacturing solutions in the form of smart device integrated access systems. This technology, which allows hands-free vehicle access and engine start, is already at the heart of vehicle architecture, and the vehicle will have all the solutions needed for 'KaaS' from the production plant.

The digital emergency unlocking solution is a smart system that can be unlocked without mechanical locks and door handles. Thus, even if the car battery is discharged, the driver can ride in the vehicle without using a physical emergency mechanical key, and the intelligent door developed by integrating the auxiliary functions can be opened and closed by itself, so that it can be used hands-free and digital. At the heart of every Continental smart access system is a virtual smartphone key, which consists of a tamper-proof data record. After a successful one-time authentication on the back-end server, authentication must be notified to the smartphone via the wireless interface so that vehicle access is possible, and the communication then occurs only between the smartphone and the vehicle.

Smart device integrated access solutions use a variety of low power Bluetooth modules in the vehicle to identify smartphones certified both inside and outside the vehicle. It is also possible to use NFC (short-range wireless communication). When an authenticated virtual key is detected, the system opens the vehicle door and authorizes it to start the engine. No more mechanical keys are needed.

Filling assistant, one of the functions to remotely display vehicle data on a smartphone, shows the air pressure situation of the tire during air injection. This feature allows the driver to accurately determine the amount of air needed for the tire without having to refer to the air pump display. In addition, users can pre-activate your personalized profiles, using mobile apps to navigate through pre-boarding, seating, air conditioning, and entertainment preferences. As such, smartphones are evolving into an integrated interface between humans and machines, where drivers manage various vehicle functions such as window opening and closing, mirror folding, and others.

In addition, Continental, to not make the battery discharge from interfering with various smartphone integrations, it will also introduce Multifunctional Smart Device Terminals (MSDT) in this MWC. All smartphones that comply with the 'Qi' standard via MSDT are supported for wireless charging, Bluetooth headset and smart phone connectivity are available via Bluetooth and NFC, while wireless antenna coupling allows for better signal quality.

To ensure sufficient system security as digitization technology progresses, Continental's subsidiary company Electrobit is providing Multilayer end-to-end vehicle security solution and service With Argus Cyber ​​Security, acquired by continental last year.

President Helmut Matschi added," Since mobility is perceived as smart only when security is secured, vehicle cyber security is the most important part for us." At MWC, Continental plans to highlight an end-to-end solution portfolio for vehicle security. Intrusion detection and prevention, attack surface protection to defend automotive cyber security, vehicle status monitoring and management, and wireless software updates will be included.

As the foundation for innovative connectivity services, Continental's Remote Vehicle Data (RVD) platform implements a standardized approach to vehicle-specific vehicle data for many products and models. RVD focuses on automobile manufacturers, auto dealers, car rental companies, vehicle operators, car repair shops and insurance companies. This platform provides an end-to-end solution for the value chain of connected services, and it seamlessly integrates with Continental's cloud solution, a connectivity-based service, and can be applied to a wide range of customer applications through a modular cloud infrastructure.

Visitors of this MWC 2018 can check the innovations and technologies developed by Continental at the 6B50 booth at hall 6. Continental will exhibit two demonstration vehicles at the external showroom OA3B.17.

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