[KIMES 2018 Preview] Point Healthcare to Showcase Muscle Vibrator 'AnyBeat 33'
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-02-07 ]  

(Photo Description: Anybeat33)

Point Healthcare(CEO Hyun Woo Park), a leading medical devices manufacturing company will introduce a new fashionable and effective magnetic field Therapy 'ANYBEAT 33' for treating pain relief and muscle pain loss and a new designed automatic Activator Method of 'Biobeat Gun' for Chiropractic field at 'KIMES 2018' which is run from 15th to 18th of March at COEX.

The company was established as a merchandising company of medical field in 2007 so that they specialized in medical device research, manufacturing firm and then they were registered by Medical Device Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Requirements for Regulatory Purpose ISO 13485 in 2016.

AnyBeat 33, 3 kinds of device IN 1 multi-complex Therapeutic Unit that is installed the Deep Penetrating Electro-Magnetic therapeutic, Laser therapeutic and RET hyperthermia therapeutic. It's an innovative device that delivers pain mitigation effects.

It's a healing equipment that activates a powerful pulse magnetic field momentarily to stimulate muscle and nerve tissue, thereby activating cells and helping to ease the pain of pain.

(Photo Description: Biobeat gun)

BioBeat Gun is for Automatic Chiropratic Gun that can be used as an instrument of gravity, shock, compression, and irritation to the human body by physical energy for relieving of the slight muscle pain.
Compact designs and easy operating methods improve space and time efficiency, and enable a variety of relaxation trigger.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2018 is the biggest international medical and hospital equipment exhibition of Korea. KIMES sets the stage for introduction of latest tools and technology that may aid in the healthcare industry etc. in the Hospitals and Medical Equipments industry.

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