Windowmate, a Window Cleaning Robot by RF Launched Officially in Japan
[ Myungjin Shin 2018-01-31 ]  

Windowsmate, a window cleaning robot by RF has launched successfully in Japan.

SODC, the official source of income for RF, held a launch event for Windowsmate at the Meiji Shrine Memorial Hall(明治記念館) in 24th of July and announced the official distribution in the Japanese market.

Windowmates will be sold through Japanese home appliances store and department store such as BigCamera and Yodobashi.

Mr.Muromaki, CEO of SODC said: "SODC has imported and sold robot cleaners for home and 'Blue Air', an air cleaner since its inception in 2004. Blue Air has been continued to do so, but in 2017, we gave up robot cleaners for home and size of our company has decreased."

He added that through RF's window cleaning robot, they will create a new category of house cleaning robot and clean the windows of all of Japan.

With self-driving function, a window cleaning robot, 'Windowmate' developed by RF is a product that will be attached inside and outside of window using a powerful permanent magnet (neodymium magnets) to keep units together.

The magnetic force is maintained up to 3cm thick of glass and automatically returns to the original position when cleaning is finished, providing convenience in window cleaning. After attaching them to both sides of the window, you should push a button to automatically recognize the window width and height. And then it starts to clean the windows by driving automatically.

The sensor provides precise cleaning with four sensors; ultrasonic, acceleration, friction, and magnetic sensors. The edges are thoroughly cleaned with an edge cleaning function. It can also be charged easily with lithium batteries.

Soonbok,Lee, CEO of RF Co., said: "In 2014, RF established its own company in Daegu, and has developed window cleaning robots and participated in international exhibitions such as CES and IFA. It becomes quite reliable fact that Windowmate are able to clean thoroughly windows on behalf of human."

Lee added that they have made efforts to develop and manufacture products suitable for the Japanese market through exchange of information with SODC.

"From this moment on, I think it is important to get evaluated by Japanese customers and to improve our Windowmate," Lee explained.

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