The Combustion hastening device 'Eco-Plasma' by Korean Rare Metal C0., Ltd leads the world market with excellent performance.
[ Lee yoon 2018-01-30 ]  

With heavy snow on the long-considered scorching sand desert of Sahara, the bitter coldness reminiscent of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" suddenly struck some parts of North America, paralyzing functions of some of the cities.

Not only in such regions, but many parts of the globe are also suffering from abnormal weather conditions, such as heavy rain, extreme snowfall, severe cold, and intense heat. Experts say that at the base of these unusual weather conditions lies the massive influence of global warming caused by atmospheric environment pollution. Accordingly, the world has been implementing policies to control global warming through strengthening regulations related to atmospheric environment pollution and greenhouse gas emission, such as the 'Kyoto Protocol', the 'Paris Climate Change Accord' , and the 'Euro 6', the EU policy on regulating exhaust emissions of diesel vehicles.

With such environmental problems a pressing matter at home and abroad, an eco-friendly combustion improving equipment, invented by a small corporation in South Korea upon 17 years of research and development, has gone viral worldwide for its outstanding performance.

The "Eco-Plasma" invented by Korea Rare Metal Co., Ltd. (CEO LEE Jaegwan) is what it is called. The "Eco-Plasma," a combustion improving equipment proven for its excellent effect in reduction of exhaust emissions, has a new material named "SAM (Super Active Material)" equipped within to act as the filter. SAM is made out of a new material created with 42 minerals of far infrared materials blended in a perfect ratio with antioxidative activity microorganisms acting as special photocatalysts, all of which is thereafter calcined in a high temperature over 1,000 degrees.

As the fuel passes through the internal filter (SAM) of Eco-Plasma, the fuel is micronized to enter the engine and achieve maximized combustion. The results of self-evaluation on the performance conducted by the Korea Rare Metal Co., Ltd actually showed a remarkable reduction in exhaust emission immediately after the installation of Eco-Plasma, with extra effect of increase in power output and torque and reduction in noise.

The reason this product is gaining widespread attention is due to the fact that drivers using the Eco-Plasma also experience enhancement in fuel efficiency. A related worker from the corporation emphasized that "although it may differ based on the driving habits and road conditions, the equipment of Eco-Plasma enables full fuel combustion, which indeed is highly effective in saving fuel."

Above all, the greatest strength of Eco-Plasma lies in its applicability to not only vehicles of low fuel efficiency, but also to all internal combustion engines that run on fuel injection, such as ships and boilers. Another strength is that vehicles and motorcycles emitting exhaust gas or used cars with small engine output will see an immediate improvement once equipped with Eco-Plasma.

LEE Jaegwan, the CEO of the corporation, showed confidence in the product, saying that "Eco-Plasma enables full combustion of fuel, because it micronizes the fuel through the SAM filter before injecting the fuel into the engine" and that "it has competitiveness compared to any other product, because you can feel not only an immediate reduction in exhaust emission but also an increase in power output and torque."

"Someday there will be other products mimicking Eco-Plasma," he continued. "But it will not be easy to mimic the perfect ratio we have found through 17 years of full devotion," he said, showing his confidence in the product technology.

The Eco-Plasma of Korea Rare Metal Co., Ltd is first receiving greater attention abroad than in the domestic market. Kim Gwang-sik, the representative of the Cambodian branch, explained that the performance of Eco-Plasma has been acknowledged by the Cambodian Minister of Environment and the official of the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, who gave verbal agreements to establish a provision that legally obliges the installation of Eco-Plasma in old vehicles. Last October in Vietnam—the country of motorcycle paradise threatened by severe environmental pollutions—the corporation also concluded an MOA after inspection from the Environmental Research Lab of Transportation and Environment Bureau, under the premise of installing the Eco-Plasma. Seeking entrance to not only Vietnam but also to Laos, Myanmar, and the surrounding countries, the corporation is putting full-scale effort in targeting the Southeast Asian market.

Following the Southeast Asian regions, Mongolia expressed its interest in the Eco-Plasma and concluded an MOU with this corporation, which is also currently in contact with Europe and Central and South America. With such growing interest, the progress towards globalization of the Korea Rare Metal Co., Ltd is expected to further accelerate.

"With the worldwide concern for atmospheric environment pollution and policies regulating the greenhouse gas emissions, the right business environment has been created for the proven leading-edge technology of Eco-Plasma," said YU Gyuchun, the president of the sales division in charge of distribution of Eco-Plasma. "In addition to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Mongolia currently under the progress of signing the contract or testing the product at the government level, major cities in Korea and abroad suffering from smoke pollution or local governments pursuing the construction of clean cities are also showing great interest, which is quite an encouraging situation for us," he said, expressing his excitement.

"Eco-Plasma has infinite possibilities in utilization, because it is applicable to not only cars but also to all internal combustion engines that emit exhaust or have small power output, such as ships or industrial machines like heavy machineries and boilers," YU added, emphasizing the growth potential of the product and the company.

In Korea, policies are under implementation for the protection of atmospheric environment from exhaust emission, with the mandatory installation of Diesel Particulate Filters in old diesel-run vehicles and restrictions on the use of old diesel vehicles in the capital area. The "Kyoto Protocol," the "Paris Agreement on Climate Change," and the "Euro 6" are examples of worldwide measures on regulating greenhouse gas emissions. In the midst of such variety of policies and agreements that are currently in effect for the control of global warming, the "Eco-Plasma" equipped with cutting-edge technology is seen with high expectations to show limitless performance.

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