Small and Medium Retail Distribution Business ERP Program 'EntMan-Pro', that can react Quickly and Effectively
[ Reporter2 2017-11-17 ]  

'EntMan-Pro' that supplies distribution related business transactions program in a ASP(program rental) method is managed as Single Program Source, which has lesser maintain and management costs compared to specialized Local method by companies, can react quickly and effectively for the customer's requirements as the service is not provided as complete package form, but as an ASP(Application Service Provider) method.

In addition, the Upgrade for the product's performance improvement is simple as well. Moreover, if the internet access is possible, the business transaction is possible beyond the time and space, and the security is guaranteed as the customer's database is being specially trust managed in the IDC.

Authorization by each user and environment setting by each individuals is possible, and not only the smart phone service, but internet fax, SMS, Barcode's use is also being supported. Smart phone service, for the information exchange between server and the smart phone, it uses the way of accessing to the database directly by using the commercial tool without the developer developing separate communication program, which along with its convenience of maintenance, it gives shortening the development period and verification period.

In addition, the work's synergy effect can be maximized as it is possible to link the company's shopping mall with real-time data. As the product is developed with development tool(Language) that does not depend on the O/S, it has advantages of almost never having system error due to the change of operation system.

Furthermore, as the work area expansion, by constructing the barcode management integrated site that is being managed by the manufacture's which is the "Standard code based small and medium retail distribution business barcode bank system development" and sales, it plans to attract new customers using manufacture and supplier's barcode in real-time.


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