The Only Shoes Exhibition in Korea, the Busan International Shoes Show (BISS) in 2017, Ends Successfully
[ Lee Eun Sil 2017-11-10 ]  

The Busan International Shoes Show, hosted by Busan, was held at BEXCO with Busan International Fashion Textile Exhibition and Busan Fashion Week from Thursday, November 2 to Saturday, April 4 and closed successfully. BISS, which was held with 450 booths of 172 companies, is the only shoes exhibition in Korea. Various global shoe brands, foreign buyers and domestic distribution MDs participated in this exhibition. A total of 165 shoes distribution MDS, including 72 overseas shoe buyers from Europe, the Americas, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and domestic large department stores, marts, and online shopping malls were invited to a skull session. In particular, this year, the booth lineup and most foreign store companies participated in the booth attracted much attention to the visitors.

One of the special events, 'Pan-Korea Shoes Contest', was designed to strengthen networking and business partnership between the domestic and international footwear industry through information sharing and official events of the latest footwear industry trends. Especially this year, the CEO of Hwa Seung Enterprise, Mr. Lee Gye-yeong and the CEO of Reebok, Mr. Hugh Hamil received a lot of feedback from the business lecture on "Production of Speed Smart Shoes". In addition, a variety of other events such as the International Advanced Shoe Function Competition, Shoe Biomechanics Seminar, Shoe Brand Outdoor Sale, Korean Footwear Design Competition, Shoe Distribution MD Meeting Place, and etc., were held, and B&B transaction between business communities were facilitated with abundant compositions. Moreover, it has highlighted the future of the Korean footwear industry through the operation of the Speed-Smart Factory hall, and has also provided intensive support to nationwide footwear supporters. A lot of visitors came to attention because the joint hall of the small merchants of handmade shoes from Seoul and Busan. It also spurred domestic and international publicity. It has been evaluated as an 'exhibition that communicates' by expanding the domestic and foreign public relations through cooperation with SNS channels and official media partners.


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