'International Road & Traffic Expo 2017' Held in KINTEX Today with Potential Overseas Buyers Invited
[ eunjung yu 2017-11-15 ]  

'International Road & Traffic Expo 2017' held in conjunction with the Korea Road Association and KINTEX was held today (15th) at Exhibition Hall 1, KINTEX, llsan.

As an international event, representatives of institutions from over 10 countries interested in the cutting-edge technology and disaster countermeasure skills of South Korea were invited and foreign buyers from over 20 countries invited by the overseas branches of KOTRA participated in the exhibition and in the export meetings with domestic companies equipped with advanced technologies.

Furthermore, over 30 government and public institutes as well as conglomerates are expected to participated, anticipating an opportunity for domestic countries to expand their sales channels at both home and abroad.

In order to reinforce the specialty of the exhibition, various conferences are being held during the period. Over 30 various conferences and seminars including international conferences such as UN-ISDR Conference participated by representatives of overseas institutes and International Road Association Seminar, 2018 Ministry of Public Administration and Security's R&D Business Seminar, Good Morning Gyeonggi Safety Workshop are expected to be held for exchange of knowledges among the relevant industries and academic societies.

Moreover, Safe Village Experience which is an experiential event for promoting safe culture, Employment Information Hall which has been prepared for youths searching for career as well as Concert on Story of Safety for youth are expected to be held as part of an education program for schools and parents who are interested in safety.

The government stated that "Based on the 4th industrial revolution technology, the proactive participation of not only public institutes but also the private companies are required to create a market on high-tech science technology on safety" and that "In the future, we will strive to actively identify and support companies with advanced safety technology so that our domestic safety market could develop".

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by eunjung yu (www.aving.net)

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