Synergy Media, Starts Global Sales for 'Fly Superboard' at American Film Market
[ eunjung yu 2017-11-01 ]  

Synergy Media(CEO Kang Yoo-Shin) focuses on distribution and sales of animation planning & manufacturing for domestic and overseas as its main business, which progressed various contents' distribution and manufacturing business such as Larva(season 1), Dooodolls, Legend Hero The Three Kingdoms and others.

This year in January, 'T-buster' was screened in KBS and largely attracted viewers by strengthening comic elements and by raising viewers age, unlike former Robot related children programs; and in August, Beat Monsters was launched on EBS. Beat Monsters' viewer rate has tripled by screening in Germany's cartoon network.

Also, it was introduced as this years' trend leading program at the 2017 MIP Junior Conference and Event, an event as universal as the Cannes Film Festival, the global entertainment program, which lead the European ratings high.  Synergy Media is receiving positive reviews in the U.S / South American Cartoon Network as well, and at the American Film Market they will introduce 'Fly Super Board', famous for domestic IP, for global advancement.

Fly Super Board, which will be released soon in 2018, has its own set of reboots, but fans are expecting it as a purely domestic production animation, produced by reinterpreting the existing animation.

'Fly Super Board' is a major work of writer Heo Young-Man, master of Korean comics such as Le Grand Chef/Tazza-The Hidden Card, which achieved a record ratings of 42.8% in Korean animation during its broadcast in November, 1992. 'Fly Super Board', which is based on the major work of a famous cartoonist, shows its difference from the previous works with the appearance of Miro, the female character, and Honse, the bright villain. Fly Super Board has been produced fit for general audience so that the whole family can watch together, and by bringing in the Star Wars' fantasy world theme which includes a mixture of both animals and humans, shows the sophisticated design sense of Apple. In addition, 'Fly Super Board' TV series is being prepared with the same concept and characters, but with different story structure fit for TV series.  CEO Kang Yoo-Shin expressed his hopes, saying "'Fly Super Board' which will be introduced at the American Film Market, will announce the return of a new hero through the addition of new characters along with original characters such as Mr. Son, Palgye, and Ojeong: this will remain a fun and touching family movie for both kids and parents." 'Fly Super Board', which is based on the four classic Chinese characters 'Journey to the West', is preparing to enter the Chinese market with a common content IP that can cover all Korea, China, and Japan.

Synergy Media's CEO Kang Yoo-Shin said that self IP was created because, "I felt the market barrier due to cultural differences while selling domestic movies and TV programs in overseas markets. There was a need for new market development, and there was an alternative to overcome the limitations which I believed was animation."

The process of commercializing planned works from new development is a difficult stage; however, innovating the miserable reality of domestic production with a system based on accumulated know-how for many years is Synergy Media's advantage showing the present and future.

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