Convergence and Innovation, Opening of Future Introducing 'Korea Electronics Show 2017' on 17th
[ Lee Eun Sil 2017-10-17 ]  

On 17th of October, 'Korea Electronics Show 2017'(KES, for the rest), the largest electronic IT specialized exhibition in Korea opened at COEX.

This year, 48th KES is hosted, KES was hosted since 1969 and now there are 900 brand-new products introduced by about 500 corporations from 17 different countries. Globally converged businesses and promising smaller businesses have participated and is expected to spread hyper-intelligence·hyper-connectivity technologies (AI, IoT, 5G etc.) which stimulate the 4th industrial revolution.

The chairman of Korea Electronics Association, Oh-hyun Kwon, who hosted this event have said that "more diverse range of converged products are introduced than ever" and "it is expected to establish its position not only for electronics·IT but also a platform for stimulating convergence of other types of industries."

Before the full-scale opening, the KES Innovation Awards took place. The award introduced products like the world's first LCoS type portable laser beam-projector that utilizes laser as its source of light, 30.2-ch based STA Private Theater etc. 13 creative and innovative products connected with IT Korea's brand image made by 11 corporations.

The winners of the 6th KES Awards are (New category) Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sonictier, SOSLab. co. Ltd., Cremotech, Futuremain, (Design category) LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, DK, Musolvers, (Contents category) CloudGate, Sotron, Korea Electronics Tech. etc.

There were many VIPs present at the opening, it is expected that participants can recruit talented people and expand their sales. There will be more than just exhibitions in KES, various collateral events such as 'investor attraction consulting' with electronics·IT field VC will take place simultaneously, a conference to suggest dynamic IT industry vision to spread technologies that are expected to start the era of 4th industrial revolution and future life and to achieve growth through innovations.

Also, about 70 corporations from about 20 countries will be selected as sincere global buyers and global buyer-oriented exporting strategy consulting will also take place. Not only that, there are plans to enhance support on smaller, middle-sized domestic participants' exports through providing 1 to 1 customized export strategy consulting during KES. 1 to 1 'investment attraction consulting' between about 10 venture capital companies and VCs and promising smaller sized venture corporations will also take its place. The exhibition is also expected to pioneer the establishment of mutual win-win venture environment by introducing promising smaller, venture companies, stimulating their growth and furthermore by connecting them with investors.

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