Cooperation of Sensory Analysis Specialized Company 'SCENTONE' and 'COE', a Coffee Quality Evaluation Platform
[ Lim Jong Hee 2017-09-29 ]  

SCENTONE, the world's only sensory analysis company, and COE (Cup of Excellence), a coffee quality assessment and management platform for producing coffee, will push forward a cooperation for the future development of the coffee industry.

COE considered to employ SCENTONE's sensory analysis system to improve the quality of products from coffee farms around the world. Therefore, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence Inc. (ACE) and SCENTONE aim to evaluating the flavor of the COE coffee based on SCENTONE's 'Coffee Flavor Map T100', which is a global standard coffee aroma kit.

In addition, SCENTONE and COE collaborate on "World Aromaster Championship 2017". This world's first international sensory assessment competition will feature coffee from COE that were selected by Coffee Flavor Map T100.

It will be held on October 29th (Sun) at Yangjae aT Center, as a portion of "Seoul Coffee and Tea Fair" exhibition. Experts from Korea, Chile, Vietnam, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Honduras, and many other countries will compete in the tournament.

In addition, a more objective and clear analysis of the COE coffee, the best specialty coffee in the world, will be possible due to computerized evaluation using electronic nose and other equipment.

About SCENTONE and COE's full cooperation, Darren Daniel, CEO of ACE, commented "It is expected that SCENTONE's program will be able to join with the COE auction program in the future."

Ahn Jung-hyuk, co-founder of SCENTONE, said, "It is very rewarding that the sensory analysis system developed by SCENTONE is used as a global coffee language. We are working on a collaboration with SCAJ on the evaluation results from El Salvador COE from 1st to 5th place. "

Establishment of Korea Coffee Science Association, an official organization for coffee-related academic activities and business academic cooperation.

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