The Korea Coffee Science Association was Established as an Official Organization for Coffee-related Academic Activities and Business-academic Cooperation
[ Lim Jong Hee 2017-09-29 ]  

The Korea Coffee Science Association announced its start in September 23rd at the Media Center in Dankook University Jukjeon Campus during the inaugural general meeting and coffee science seminar.

Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages not only in Korea but also in the world, and now it has become a part of our eating habits and cultural life. The market for coffee industries is growing rapidly, reaching 10 trillion won. Also, coffee lovers continue to increase every year, but scientific research on coffee is insufficient.

In this situation, coffee-related scholars, researchers, coffee industry workers, and coffee enthusiasts have been working together to establish Korea Coffee Science Association in order to develop the coffee science as well as coffee industry in Korea through various academic activities and business-academic cooperation.

The association is composed of professor Jung Yoon Hwa (Dankook University Food and Nutrition Department), who is in charge of the first president, Ahn Jung Hyuk (president, SCENTONE), Chang Young Jin (section chief, SCENTONE), Lim Song Lim (Remapresso Coffee), Yoon Yong Hyun (Pandora Roasters), Ji Young Gu (publisher, Monthly Coffee&Tea), and other representatives of the academia, education, industry, and media.

The Korea Coffee Science Association will be registered as a corporation in the Food and Drug Administration, and will publish a journal twice a year on coffee related researches and also publish a magazine showing the status of coffee industry. It also schedules to hold regular academic conferences, coffee-related education and workshops, and occasional academic events such as symposia and seminars. Also, overseas coffee industry training and overseas academic exchange programs is going to be proceeded.

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