[2017 ICEF BEST 5] Jeollanam-do Environmental Industries Promotion Institute, Introduced Non-Point Source Pollution Reduction Facility
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2017-09-07 ]  

Jeollanam-do Environmental Industries Promotion Institute(Director An Yeon-Soon) has attended 'The 9th International Climate Environment Fair' held in Kimdaejung Convention Center from Sep 6th to 9th, and introduced non-point source pollution reduction and test evaluation facility.

(Photo: Filtering equipment that is on performance test. Promotion Institute issues test results and evaluation certificates to corresponding companies)

Jeollanam-do Environmental Industries Promotion Institute, in order to develop the environmental industry, it systematically promotes technology development, start-up, prototype production, and demonstration experiments, and through infrastructure construction and efficient management and operation of environmental industry, it contributes to strengthening competitiveness of regional environmental industry and regional development.

In particular, it is actively responding to rapidly changing domestic and overseas environmental markets, and are laying the foundation to meet corporate support such as national and regional environmental policy development, enterprise joint technology development, environmental measurement analysis service, business incubation, verification test, and overseas marketing .

Non-point source pollution reduction facility, that is promoted as key business by promotion institute, has the total area of ​​12,000㎡, and is equipped with reservoir and rectilinear river, artificial wetland, permeable media test, and equipment type indoor and outdoor testing facilities and is the facility to support the performance evaluation such as reduction of non-point pollutants.

Nonpoint pollution sources are sources of water pollutants that are emitted irregularly from unspecified places such as cities, roads, farmland, which generally it occurs when rainfall, irrigation and snowfall melt, and it causes the largest pollution load in urban and rural areas.

(Photo: Non-point pollution reduction facility (dotted line for reservoir and rectilinear river, artificial wetland, permeable media test, equipment type indoor and outdoor test)

Meanwhile, in 'The 9th International Climate Environment Fair' export consultation, environmentally distributed rainwater management methodology (LID methodology), a food collection system using RFID, an environmentally friendly processing system for animals, an environmental pollution prevention facility, and an energy plant will be introduced. In addition, various programs such as export consultation, MOU conclusion, job fair, symposium, workshop are prepared.

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by Kim, Ki Hong (www.aving.net)

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