[MIK Vietnam] The ORCHID Skin, Introduced Beauty Products with Various Functions in 'MIK Beauty Vietnam C to C Convention'
[ Lee Eun Sil 2017-08-28 ]  

The ORCHID Skin, participated in 'Vietnam C to C Buyer Invitation, MIL Beauty Business Matching Convention (Hereinafter referred to as MIK Vietnam)' that has held for two days from Aug 22nd(Tue) to 23rd(Wed), at AMANTI Hotel, Hongdae and introduced Beauty Products with Various Functions. It has presented 4 types of orchid flower hand cream, orchid flower base, and eye patch that catches the eye wrinkle.

It has introduced the water drop type 'Moisture tok tok' hand cream, which the water drop pops when it is rubbed gently, 'whitening bbo yan' that consists vitamin capsule, 'wrinkle taeng taeng' that tightly cares even fine wrinkles, 'wrinkle taeng taeng' that solve the elastic and moisture at once.

For the Orchid flower base line, it is a water drop type that the water drops pop by helping the whitening/wrinkle improvement. It solves moisture supply and skin tone modification at once. The products are 'Orchid Flower Make-Up Base Pinkblur' that is colored in pink and gives vital skin making, 'Orchid Flower Make-Up Base Greenblur' that is colored in green and gives calm skin making, 'Orchid Flower Tone-Up Cream Snowblur' that does not have artificial color and gives natural skin making according to skin tone, 'Orchid Flower BB Cream Pinkbeige' that is colored in pink beige and is suitable for bright skin tone, 'Orchid Flower BB Cream Nudebeige' that is colored in natural skin pink beige and perfectly suits the dark skin tone.

In addition, for the double functional product of whitening and wrinkle improvement, it also has introduced 'Orchid Pink Fantasy' line, that can be used anywhere such as, lips, nipple, knees, elbow. It has also introduced, 'Orchid Pink Fantasy Lady Nipple Patch' that makes dry and rough skin moisty, and 'Orchid Pink Fantasy Lady Essence' that gives good effect when used with the nipple patch.

The official of The ORCHID Skin said, "I am very happy to receive a lot of attention for our products by many buyers", and said, "The point that I could not talk for a long time is pity". Moreover, he expressed his hope that, "Next the next event, I would like to have a conversation with buyer for a longer time".

Meanwhile, 'MIK Vietnam' is the event co-hosted by the global news network 'AVING NEWS(Hereinafter referred to as AVING NEWS)', export support platform 'Madeinkorea.TV', Korea Beauty Industry Trade Association(KOBITA), and koeco. It has had time for 1:1 business matching by inviting more than 40 buyers that are influential in the Vietnam market.

In addition, the global network AVING news that has hosted the event, has been active as a media partner for more than 100 exhibitions annually, established a global news network with major media companies in 54 countries, delivers the news focused on the products and technology to the world, and is a media that has mostly introduced products and technology of the company in Korea.


Global News Network 'AVING'
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