[COEX EDUCARE] ROBOROBO, Introduced Coding Teaching Tool 'UARO'
[ eunjung yu 2017-07-06 ]  

ROBOROBO Co., Ltd., a Robot company for education(CEO Jang Chang-Nam), has attended 'Seoul International Young Children Education & Kids Fair(COEX EDUCARE) that is held from Jul 6th(Thu) to 9th(Sun) and introduced Coding Teaching Tool 'UARO' for kids.

As we are developing to the 4th industrial revolution era, the importance for software education are more and more growing. The news of software compulsory education from 2018 has turned eyesight of many school parents to the software education. Among the mothers of the pre-elementary students that are preparing for their children's coding education, 'UARO' is getting a lot of attraction as a coding education system, since it is easy and fun playing method called 'touching program'.

The learning age of 'UARO' is from 3 to 5 years old, which it is a difficult age to learn PC coding. 'UARO' has a curriculum to build basic concept of coding naturally through the process of deciding the robot's actions by touching with hands and making the robot according to the textbook.

The touching coding method of 'UARO' can be taught only with coding board and coding block set using wireless communication(NFC) method. By simply placing the coding block containing the simple action on the coding board, child can do coding alone. Coding's concept can be naturally learned by freely moving a robot that has be coded in a desired way. In addition, it is possible to apply coding using application 'UARO and Coding Friends' that are linked with the coding board, and the service applied with AR technology is expected to be added. Not only the coding education but it is also providing learning materials linked to the Nuri curriculum, in accordance with the 48-period curriculum, that are commonly provided to the children's aged from 3 to 5

Through the process of the child making the robot by itself, 'UARO' helps development of small muscles. It is the new concept education item that helps the child to develop creativity, thinking ability, and comprehensive intelligence of understanding       through coding learning and play activities.

ROBOROBO has prepared business fair and 'UARO' experience education program through this 'Seoul International Young Children Education & Kids Fair'. It is recommended to reserve in advance by referring to the schedule.

Meanwhile, at the 'COEX EDUCARE', the latest information on children's education and supplies can be encountered. The trends related to children were suggested as the domestic promising brands were all participating. Various products and services such as, workbooks, franchises, toys, games, stationery and learning materials can be met.

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