[ENVEX 2017] KENVITECH, Introduced Infrared Hyperspectral Camera
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2017-06-09 ]  

KENVITECH (CEO Kim, Il Yong), participated in 'The 39th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2017)' held in COEX from June 7th (Wed) to 9th (Fri) and introduced Infrared Hyperspectral Camera for monitoring the long distance gas. (Photo: Atmosphere odor measurement and sampling system using drone)

This company specializes in TMS environmental measuring equipment, it develops and supplies TMS equipment of smoke stack of production facilities and atmospheric and indoor air quality and equipment relevant to atmospheric, odor measurement and sampling using odor pollution measuring network, infrared hyperspectral camera, and drones.

The Infrared Hyperspectral Camera for long distance gas monitoring, that was introduced in this exhibition performs various activities such as measurement of gas, measurement of gas substances, quantification, location verification and image data.

In particular, it is using IR of wavelength band that are suitable for toxic, explosiveness, odor and industrial gas detection. Moreover, each pixel is able to acquire a continuous spectrum of material in a broad core, and it is possible to recognize the chemical composition of the subject even in the absent of natural light.

This equipment, monitors exposed gas from long distance, which can prevent large scale casualties caused by harmful chemical gas leaks and it can also prevent disasters by detecting explosion of industrial complexes in advance.

They have also exhibited equipment's that can measure the air quality and collect sample of the areas or locations where people's access is difficult by using drone.

Managing director, Park, Jang rim said, "The infrared hyperspectral camera is used to monitor chemical terror in large-scale rally, airport, subway, stadium, and in facilities for multiple use" and explained "It is useful in protecting lives of firefighters and local residents by detecting toxic gas and explosive gas when fire occurs".

(Photo: Long-distance gas monitoring system using infrared hyperspectral camera)

(Photo: They can measure the odor or collect sample of the areas or locations where people's access is difficult by using drone)

Meanwhile, 'ENVEX 2017', together with small and medium environmental companies which will lead the creative economy, is the Korea's largest environmental industry technology and energy trading exhibition. This exhibition, organized by the Korea Environmental Preservation Association and co-hosted by Korea Industrial Technology Institute, the Korea Environment Corporation, SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp., and the Korea Environmental Preservation Association, is expected to be 'Place to maximize publicity and marketing opportunity' to become a leading company in green growth such as green technology and renewable energy.

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