[ENVEX 2017] HYOLIM, Introduced Non-Metal Loop Chain Flights Type Sludge Collector
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2017-06-08 ]  

HYOLIM INDUSTRIAL(CEO Kim, Jong Tae) participated in 'The 39th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2017)' held in COEX from June 7th (Wed) to 9th (Fri) and introduced Potable Water Treatment Facility using Non Metal Loop Chain Flights Type Sludge Collector. (Photo: Non-Metal Loop Chain Flights Type Sludge Collector which has acquired Performance Certification through Performance Improvement)

This company is planning and delivering large scale of sewage treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, purification plant, intake facility of power plant, water treatment and wastewater treatment and the technical skills are acknowledged in overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.

In this exhibition, various water treatment facilities were exhibited such as upward flow type inclination plate sedimentation apparatus and non-metal sludge collector, including movable band screen, which constantly supplies process water by removing the contaminants in the raw water into the non-metal basket by installing on the inflow path of the intake, purification water plant.

In particular, the main product 'Non-Metal Loop Chain Flights Type Sludge Collector, which have got the performance certification, offers various selection options so that it could easily be adapted to sludge collector, on improvement or new construction, and it is cost effective since the installation process is simple and as the maintenance is easy.

Also, by improving the previous 'Σ' (CIGMA) type flights to planar form (SIGMA plus Beta flights), the sludge doesn't stick or accumulate to the flights.

This facility is designed according to the shape and size of the Clarifiers structure and applied to sewage treatment, water purification treatment and wastewater treatment plant and it is installed and operated in sewage treatment plants such as Seonam, Anyang, Masan Changwon, Pohang, Suwon and Busan.

Head of Department of Environmental Affairs, Hwang, Hyung Il said, "For the past 30 years, we are developing and supplying water treatment related facilities and equipment's" and added, "We are developing and producing performance certified products by applying performance improvement and new technology since recently, the environmental standards have been strengthened and a high level of output is required."

Meanwhile, 'ENVEX 2017', together with small and medium environmental companies which will lead the creative economy, is the Korea's largest environmental industry technology and energy trading exhibition. This exhibition, organized by the Korea Environmental Preservation Association and co-hosted by Korea Industrial Technology Institute, the Korea Environment Corporation, SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp., and the Korea Environmental Preservation Association, is expected to be 'Place to maximize publicity and marketing opportunity' to become a leading company in green growth such as green technology and renewable energy.

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