The Opening of ENVEX 2017, The Fourth Industrial Revolution Convergence Environmental Industry Technology Trend suggested
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2017-06-07 ]  

The largest environmental exhibition, 'International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2017)' hosted by Ministry of Environment (Minister Cho, Kyeung Kyu) and organized by the Korea Environmental Preservation Association (President Lee, Woo Shin) will be held in COEX Gangnam-gu from June 7th to 9th and will introduce a total number of 1000 types of new and various technologies with products. (Phot0: The Minister Cho, Kyeung kyu and the representatives of overseas countries are listening to the explanations of the technologies and products by looking around the exhibition booths.

Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI) Convergence, and Environmental Industry Technology Trend Suggestion with Expansion of commercialization and Employment opportunities.

The ENVEX 2017, greeting its 39th anniversary this year, more than 260 companies from 20 countries from United States, Italy, Germany and others will participate and it is expected that 50,000 people including 1,400 oversea buyers will visit.

Since the various technologies and products such as environmental technology with The Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology and water treatment facilities that are developed in Korea, are exhibited in this exhibition, it is possible to see new trends of environmental industry technology in one place.

In particular, by applying Internet of Things(IoT) technology, such as water treatment system which makes self-diagnosis on membrane and flushes, waste selection system according to Artificial Intelligence(AI) robot, and air and stink measurement and sample aster are estimated to attract attention.

More than 260 Environmental companies from 20 countries, over 1400 overseas buyers participated

This year, as travelling exhibition of Korea, China and Japan's environmental industry technology was held in ENVEX2017 for the first time, it is expected that the sharing of environmental industry technology information and the exchange of environmental technology among the three countries will be promoted.

Especially, as the Meeting of the 18th Korea-China-Japan Environment Ministers ('16.4) agreed to hold a touring exhibition to expand and strengthen the exchange and cooperation of the environmental industry and technology among the three countries, for the first time this year, exhibition and technology forum will be in process by participation of more than 30 companies from three countries in Korea.

In addition, various business programs will be held in connection to, such as export/purchase conference, and seminar/forum for the domestic market and overseas market expansion of Korea's small and medium sized businesses, so that it is expected to become a golden opportunity for the overseas expansion.

(Photo: The VIP's that have attended the opening ceremony, are looking around the water treatment equipment's using membrane.

'Middle East-Africa Environment Forum 2017' which will be held at the same time with this exhibition, is co-hosted by Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and organized by Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, there will be promising project presentation by inviting promising clients of government and public institutions in the Middle East and Africa area and one on one consultation meeting with domestic companies will be held.

Also, a total of 12 forums and conferences are held, including 'The 1st Korea-China-Japan Environmental Industry Forum', 'The 9th Korea-China Environmental Companies Technical Cooperation Exchange Meeting', and 'Power Generation Companies Environmental Machine and Equipment Purchasing Meeting'.

In addition to the '2017 Environmental Research and Development Performance Exhibition', which shows the trends of technology development related to excellent technology and environmental policy, with the theme of 'Research and Development Promotion of the National Experiential Awareness', 35 organizations and companies technology and development outcomes according to environmental technology related to national life will be exhibited.

Lee Chang-heum, Director of Environment Industry and Technology of The Ministry of Environment said, "I hope this exhibition to become a good opportunity for the domestic companies to win a contract for overseas projects through the business support program of this exhibition" and added, "From now on, in order to convert to developing nations environmental industry and to develop technology, we will make further efforts to establish an environment policy and improve system.".

(Photo: More than 260 Environmental companies from 20 countries, over 1400 overseas buyers will participate)

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