[MIK BEAUTY] Cosmetics Brand Filled with Phytochemical Ingredients, CCBooum' got the Instant Internet Celebrity Award
[ Park Ji Yeon 2017-04-10 ]  

The Booum (BOOUM CEO Han Ji-hyun) presented the natural cosmetics 'ccBooum' line on the 30th of last month at 'MIK BEAUTY & PARTY 2017' sponsored by AVING News, and won the MIK Beauty Awards after the event.

CcBooum is a cosmetics brand filled with nutritious phytochemical ingredients such as sprout extract, 12-step purified water (ultrapure water), vitamins and minerals. Ccbooum line consists of Ultra Pure Calming Water, Deep Moisture Cream, Luster Whitening Cream and Absolute Care Cream.

Ultra Pure Camming Water is a lotion that works with toner, mist and skin at the same time. Awareness is on the rise in user's word-of-mouth and word-of-mouth. Deep Moisture Cream contains hippocampus extract to soothe and shine the skin.

Luster Whitening Cream is a whitening cream that can be immediately toned up with niacinamide. Absolute Care Cream is a non-healing formula that is nourishing the skin to the skin with a moisturizing cream and nutritional cream. It is widely used in the 20s to 40s. It has wrinkles and whitening effect.

CEO Han Ji-hyun, in a short interview with AVING, said, "CCbooum is a brand of naturalism / anti-pollution. It is expanding its recognition through word of mouth and product reviews on SNS without special marketing. In the meantime, the Booum was awarded by an instant Internet celebrity Qin Yuyu at the 'MIK Beauty Awards', which was selected through media coverage and an instant Internet celebrity's direct coverage.

Meanwhile, MIK (Made In Korea) is a new concept trade show that was designed to help domestic successful companies to successfully enter overseas markets, and the participating companies had press pitching times with foreign presses and they were introduced to instant internet celebrities from China, domestic agencies, buyers and Youtubers.

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MIK Beauty Media Awardees

VietnamPlus: Chitocross
Yesky : Euro Dental Center
ThaiFranchiseCenter : Ovaco
ELLE China : Ami Cosmetics
THE Rakyat Post : Swanicoco
AVING NEWS : 1618 Atoclassic

MIK Beauty Wanghong Awardees

Xiao Nihai :Chitocross
Qin Yuyu : TheBooum
Yumi : 9Wishes
Wang Yuchun : Touchinsol
Gemini : Dr.Duo
Chen Feifan : Premier D&C

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by Park Ji Yeon (www.aving.net)

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