The 9th International Chemical Device Industry Exhibition (KOREA CHEM)' Held Today at KINTEX!
[ eunjung yu 2017-04-18 ]  

Korea Chem 2017, which has become the largest exhibition in the field of chemical equipment in Korea, was held at the 10th hall of 2nd KINTEX hall today (18th).

The event, which is scheduled for the ninth time this year, was held with "Future Growth Possible Chemical Field, Bio-technology Engineering Process" as the catch phrase.

In addition to the international chemical equipment industry, the exhibition will be held in 2,000 booths of700 companies from 20 countries, and it will be differentiated into a 'performance-oriented' exhibition that forms customer contacts in various fields through co-hosting with exhibitions related to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. As of now(based on March), the exhibition has been well received and the exhibition space will be set at 43,245㎡, equivalent to six soccer fields, with the effects of joint exhibition with five related industries including pharmaceutical and cosmetics technology exhibition and experiment analysis equipment exhibition, it is expected to mobilize 40,000 visitors, the largest number ever.

On the other hand, the exhibition time of this international chemical equipment industry exhibition is from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm, and due to the nature of business-oriented exhibitions, general students and ordinary visitors are limited. In addition, for the transportation of local visitors using KTX, there is a free shuttle bus service at the exit of Seoul Station from 9:30 am for every 30 minutes during the exhibition period, and shuttle buses are also available from 'Hapjeong Station on Line 2' and Daegu Gyeongbuk area.

Joint holding of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, experimental equipment exhibition, and exhibition of next generation strategic items such as chemical safety and environment are also attracting attention

At Korea Chem 2017, which introduces innovative process technologies in the field of bio-biotechnology, which has high potential for future growth, we can directly observe new solutions of domestic and foreign chemical companies specialized in the field.

As for the main exhibit items of this event hosted by IU News (Monthly Chemical Equipment Technology) and Kyungyon Exhibition Corp, 120 domestic and overseas suppliers completed registration in ᐃ Oil powder process, chemical machine, ᐃ Power transmission device ᐃ Control devices and systems ᐃ Plant engineering, design ᐃ Engineering Materials and ingredients and ᐃ process safety and environment related products.

Korea Chem 2017, which will be a place to communicate new trends in chemical engineering technology and to communicate with appropriate solution experts, will have a number of domestic and foreign companies in various fields such as pumps, valves, crushing, mixing and valves area.

In the field of pumps, Daebaik International, Dongbang plantech co., ltd, Daesung Industrial Pump, NewIn-tech, Duzon Systems, WorldTech, KOENG and Korea GreenChem will be participating in addition to Busch Korea, a German vacuum pump manufacturer.

The Mixer, crushing and mixer field includes Nanointech, Dientech, Myungkwang Machinery Mfg Co, Samwoo Tech, Shinhan Machine, Unitech, MMP, Isaac ENG, KNC Industry, QBR Tech, Tokuju Korea, TMC, Korea Engineering, MN Korea, and Hado.

Korea Plastics, CS Automation, Ace Tech, MMP, Otome, Tootec, Pines, Hain 21 will participate in the valve field. In the field of chemical safety and environment, Dawoo I & T, Maeil Industry, Bronkhorst Korea, SM Tech, and Ace Electronics will participate.

Meanwhile, the exhibition will be held at the same place in the same place as the 12th Pharmaceuticals Cosmetic Technology Exhibition (Cophex 2017), and 11th International Research & Experiment and Advanced Lab Equipment Exhibition (Korea Lab 2017) and more than 40,000 users in biotechnology, distribution, experts and overseas buyers are expected to attend.


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