Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics Manufacturing Packaging Equipment, Bio Equipment, and Chemical Equipment Technology to be Presented! 'COPHEX 2017' to be Held at KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall
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Cosmetics technology exhibition (COPHEX 2017) was held today (18th) at Goyang KINTEX 2nd exhibition hall where all the devices, systems and technologies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic manufacturing and research and development are gathered with export growth and expectations of domestic pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Last year, the government announced that it would strengthen its support for the future business of the health industry including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Currently, Korean pharmaceutical companies are seeking growth through new drug development, strengthening of new improved drugs, and entry into the pharmerging market, and efforts to improve R & D and quality have been intensified. Despite concerns about the recent tightening of regulations due to THHAD, the cosmetics industry is still leading K-Beauty in the global market and gradually spreading its influence to the ASEAN market.

The main exhibit items of this exhibition hosted by Kyungyon Exhibition Corp and Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association include: ᐃ Materials processing facilities ᐃ Sterilization equipment / Clean room facilities ᐃ Packaging machinery / materials ᐃ Feeding and conveying equipment ᐃ Inspection equipment and ᐃ water treatment equipment, and advanced technology and products are released to provide manufacturing facilities, processing technology, management and outsourcing solutions for pharmaceutical, cosmetics sanitation and safety.

The most important feature of this event, which will have about 2,000 booths by 700 companies from 20 countries, is that you can have a one-stop visit to observe the entire procedures of process, manufacturing, and research and development can be seen at a single stage in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic development stages including pharmaceutical facilities, process technology, logistics equipment, laboratory research and analysis equipment, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic raw materials, all in one place.

The Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Production Hall and chemical device hall, located at the 10th hall, has a variety of manufacturing technologies and solutions for the production of quality upgrading drugs. In addition to Domino's Korea, LTX international, Young Science Inc, BioStream Technologies, Sampoong Inc, Wojung BSC, KOSA Bio Inc., Technomart, Fa La Tech, Hanshin Medical Co., Ltd., Fine Medicare Company Inc and AIREX will participate.

In addition, a number of manufacturing and processing technologies will be exhibited, including packaging technologies such as vials and injector packs from Hutem, BAUSH + STROBEL, Rommelag, Romaco Kilian, as well as other clean rooms, sterilized products and labelers.

Biotechnology-related technologies that have different processes than chemical drugs including cultivation process will also be on display.

In addition to Fermentech that produces Fermenter and cell culture equipment, Technomart and CNS will display and ilShinbiobase Co. Ltd., Hahnson Impex, Fine Medicare company Inc. display a number of related products such as freeze dryer and ISOLATOR.

In the 9th hall which is connected to the 10th hall, logistics service, cold chain, and logistics equipment are displayed and in the 7th hall, research experiment analysis equipment and in the 8th hall, medicines, cosmetics raw materials, fine chemicals, finished products and services related companies are participating.

In addition to the exhibition booth, various other events such as government policy, education, export promotion and expert technical seminar for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry users will be prepared.


With a policy briefing session for pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies hosted by the ministry of food and drug safety Korea for 3 days from April 18 (Tue) to 20 (Thu) as a start, a pharmaceutical industry production manager meeting and a new technology seminar by experiment analysis experts are held where about 2,000 production, QA/QC, buyers are expected to attend.

"This exhibition will contribute to the development of the related industry by providing the most effective solutions and improving the quality of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry," said the organizer of the exhibition. Kyungyon Exhibition Corp.

In addition, the organizers plan to operate KINTEX free shuttle buses in Seoul Station, Hapjeong Station, Hyangnam Pharmaceutical Complex and Daegu Gyeongbuk area to enhance the accessibility of KINTEX.

The exhibition is open every day from 10:00 to 5:00, and only people from the industry can attend the exhibition due to the nature of the business oriented exhibition. Visitors who want to visit for free can apply tor free admission in advance at the official website.

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