From Pharmaceutical Development to Process, Manufacturing, Research and Development! 'Korea Pharm 2017' Opens its Splendid Curtain
[ eunjung yu 2017-04-18 ]  

The Korea Pharm 2017, sponsored by the ministry of food and drug safety Korea and hosted by the Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (KFDA) and Kyungyon Exhibition Corp, was held today (18th) at the KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall.

The Korea Pharm Exhibition is a B2B exhibition that will allow you to assess the latest industry trends related to raw materials and finished pharmaceuticals provides an opportunity to explore all aspects of manufacturing, R & D, and distribution in the drug development stage including ᐃ pharmaceuticals, cosmetics raw materials, fine chemicals, finished products and services (at the 8th hall) ᐃ research experiment analysis equipment (at the 7th hall) ᐃ pharmaceutical process, manufacturing facility, chemical equipment (at the 10th hall) and ᐃ logistics service, cold chain, logistics equipment (at the 9th hall).

Pharmaceutical raw materials, finished products, cosmetics raw materials exhibition hall located in the 8th hall of KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall introduces more than 2,000 products from 150 companies from Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, China and Singapore.

In particular, the Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (KPMA) has set up a "joint public relations center for medium-sized pharmaceutical companies" in order to strengthen cooperation among domestic pharmaceutical companies, which are experiencing difficulties due to foreign capital entering the domestic market, lowering drug prices, and increase in R & D expense and production cost.

Domestic pharmaceutical companies such as Daewoo Pharm, Daewon Pharm, Donggu Bio Pharm, BC World Pharm, Sinsin Pharm, Alico Pharm, Jinyang Pharm, Taegeuk Pharm, Korea Pharma, Korea Kolmar, Hanlim Pharm, and Huons are participating and they display their main products and are preparing for one-on-one export consultation with foreign buyers who visit the exhibition hall.

DuPont Korea will showcase the appropriate solutions required for sensitive areas such as cleanroom protective clothing, air cargo covers, and medical packaging, and Charles River Laboratories, based in the United States, has show-cased endotoxin test-related products and technical support, Non-clinical testing, and biologics testing services, along with microbiological identification services, microbial detection equipment, and technical support.

In addition, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation (4 centers including the New Drug Development Support Center, the Advanced Medical Device Development Support Center, the Laboratory Animal Center, and the Clinical Trials New Drug Production Center) will introduce bio-related businesses such as new drug development and medical devices, and the Seoul Regional Development Headquarters plans to attract pharmaceutical and biotech companies for the Magok Industrial Complex.

In addition, Indian and Chinese medicine pavilion is to be installed. In particular, India, which boasts a world-class scale in the pharmaceutical sector, participates in annual exhibitions to supply Indian pharmaceutical technology and reasonable prices to Korean pharmaceutical companies. China plans to have CCPIT Chem from China International Trade Promotion Committee and individual companies participate.

On the second day of the exhibition, 20 invited foreign buyers interested in importing raw materials, cosmetics and technology from Laos, Vietnam, Brazil, Singapore, UAE, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand, will have 1: 1 export consultation meetings.

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