[BIO KOREA 2017 Preview Video] Lap n People to Present Magnum Micro Needle Patch 'Snow2Plus'
[ Park Ji Yeon 2017-04-04 ]  

Lab n PEOPLE(CEO Jo Seong Yoon) will present Magnum Micro Needle Patch 'Snow 2Plus' at 'BIO KOREA 2017' held at COEX from April 12(Wednesday) to April 14th (Friday).

Snow2plus is a patch that maximizes absorption of active ingredients, wrinkles and whitening functions through the ionization of magnesium crystals in the skin, and it uses the principle that the magnesium melts in the living body through the fine needle when attaching to the skin. Collagen synthesis is induced by microscopic wounds, and functional drugs are delivered through microfibers.

'Snow2Plus' is a brand of Lab n PEOPLE, and Lab n People is a company that researches and develops drug delivery devices, biodegradable materials, and minimally invasive spinal device. CEO Jo Soeng Yoon of Lab n People says" We want to enter the Americas, Europe and Middle East markets doing well in the domestic market".

On the other hand, BIO KOREA 2017 is one of the main pharmaceutical and bio exhibitions in Korea, and we can see the latest trend of bio industry there which is attracting attentions as the new growth engine. In addition to the exhibition, various programs such as business forums, conferences, job fair, investor fair, meditech fair, and PICE Korea will take place at the same time.

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