[BIO KOREA 2017 Preview Video] New Standard for Membrane, Bugang Tech FMX
[ Park Ji Yeon 2017-04-10 ]  

Bugang Tech(CEO Park Gi Take) will present Anti-Fouling Membrane System, FMX, at 'BIO KOREA 2017' which will be held at COEX from April 12th(Wednesday) to April 14th(Friday).

FMX uses a rotating body to generate strong vortex on the membrane surface to prevent the deposition of contaminants, thereby minimizing clogging of the membrane. FMX is a technology that presents a new standard for membranes by recollecting the resources that were being thrown away, and making profits and reducing the cost that was being wasted, and although it is complicated structurally, high concentration, high viscosity, and high turbidity liquid phase treatments that could not be processed with common membrane technology are possible.

Bugang Tech selects membranes suitable for customers such as MF, UF, NF, LP RO and ceramic membrane of polymer type through OMSP (Optium Membrane Selection Program) and applies them to FMX., and in addition to water treatment, it is used in the process of concentration and recovery of products in bio-factories and chemical factories. By using FMX, it is possible to reduce the maintenance cost, improve the productivity, and simplify the factory process.

"We plan to enter the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets in the future, and we are looking for partners to introduce our equipment and systems," said Park Gi-Taek, CEO of Bugang Tech.

On the other hand, BIO KOREA 2017 is one of the main pharmaceutical and bio exhibitions in Korea, and we can see the latest trend of bio industry there which is attracting attentions as the new growth engine. In addition to the exhibition, various programs such as business forums, conferences, job fair, investor fair, meditech fair, and PICE Korea will take place at the same time.

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