[KOREA CHEM Preview] Osaka Vacuum to Showcase Its Vacuum Systems
[ eunjung yu 2017-04-03 ]  

Osaka Vacuum will introduce its vacuum system at 'KOREA CHEM 2017' which is held in KINTEX from April 18th 21st.

Osaka Vacuum was established in 1950 for the domestic production of vacuum systems in Japan. Since then, they have been committed to develop vacuum systems that incorporate the latest in science and technology to meet the requirements of our customers.

Turbo molecular pump is our core product, and this pump is widely utilized in semiconductor, FPD industry, and also in analytical instruments and accelerator.

They are determined to support the creation of a richer future through the continued development and supply of essential vacuum technologies to satisfy progress in industry and Research & Development.

Osaka Vacuum developed of Japan's first turbo molecular pump. Afterwards, it was followed by a series of technological breakthroughs that anticipated the needs of the market: the world's first compound molecular pump (turbine blades + helical grooves), magnetically suspended TMPs, the world's largest TMPs, extreme high vacuum (XHV) TMPs, TMPs with a flexible mounting position (grease-lubricated type: TG-F), TMPs that control by-product accumulation (thermal insulation structure: TG-MI), and extreme low vibration TMPs (TG-ML).

Their engineering proficiency and wealth of experience allow us to customize our systems according to the customer's specific needs.

Structurally, a turbo molecular pump has a motor shaft at its center. Attached, at the shaft's top, is a rotor with many moving blades. As the shaft rotates at high speed, the rotor's peripheral velocity reaches approximately 300 m/second. These fast-rotating multiple turbine blades pump and compress gases chiefly in the molecular flow range (where the mean free path of gas molecules is sufficiently greater than the largest sectional dimension of containers and pipes, so the gases are thin).

Their proprietary compound molecular pumps are equipped with a helical groove at the downstream side of the turbine blade, making it possible to do the pumping not only in the molecular flow range but also in the intermediate flow range, where gas density is higher.

Korea Chem is a technology exhibition that represents Korea's chemical engineering and process industry. A total of 35,000 exhibitors from the metropolitan area as well as around the nation and world gather at one place for great marketing and networking chances.

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