[KIMES 2017] IT-Based Medical Service Health Care Pioneer, UBcare
[ dahyun kim 2017-03-18 ]  

UBcare participated in 33rd KIMES 2017 that was held in COEX from March 16th (Thursday) to March 19th (Sunday) to introduce its digital X-ray detector.

In this exhibition, UBcare introduced 'X-ray filming equipment' that is DRGEM X-ray filming exported to more than 60 countries, 'Digital X-ray detector' that could replace X-ray film and wireless detector.

UB Care, which provides health care solution, released 'Euisarang', which was the first domestic Electronic Medical Record' in 1993 to lead its first step in the EMR market that is a medical service with IT base.

Currently, it is holding the largest medical network including 20,200 hospitals and pharmacies (13,000 hospitals and 7,200 pharmacies) and 16 countrywide franchises and service organizations. It is currently expanding its market to China with the goal of jumping into health care service hub.

Euisarang EMR, which is the representative product of UBcare, is acquiring more than 45% of countrywide hospital EMR market, and pharmacy specialized EMR 'UPharm' that was released in 1999 is also holding the market share that records the 2nd in the industry.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2017 is Korea's largest exhibition for medical and hospital equipment. It presents new technology and products from all industries that have merged with the medical industry, such as ubiquitous healthcare through communication, medical waste facility that takes into account the environment, advanced hospital facility built with beautiful architectural technology, medical information system combined with IT, transportation for rapid patient transport from the automobile industry, etc.

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