[KIMES 2017] JMTech Introduced Spinetronic 'Robot Spine Treatment System Robotic-ATT'
[ dahyun kim 2017-03-18 ]  

JMTech participated in 33rd KIMES 2017 that was held in COEX from March 16th (Thursday) to March 19th (Sunday) to introduce Spinetronic's robot spine treatment system.

Spinetronic 'Robot spine treatment system Robotic-ATT' that was introduced by JMTech at this exhibition is used for rehabilitation of neck, and back. It was developed to serve professional treatment for hospital and rehabilitation center for those who are suffering from scoliosis.

This system is continuously moving that it changes the posture of spine during disk decompression treatment, enabling the spine disk-surrounding muscle and joint treatment. Robot disk treatment equipment also enables 3D ROM robot decompression manipulation of neck and back, making the treatment more efficient and safe from damage. This 3D ROM joint operation manipulation affects deep muscle, rotating muscle and intervertebral foramen to increase the treatment efficiency.

This product was officially authorized by FDA to prove its technological advancement. It has world class credibility as it is listed in SCI thesis. It reduces significant time compared to traditional manipulation treatment so that it is welcomed by both hospital and patients.

JMTech formed agent relationship with Spinetronics of USA to hold its Asia publication right. Therefore, it is selling Spinetronics' products not only to Korea but also to every Asian country.

(Photo: Young Jo Yu, JMTech's director of headquarter)

Mr. Yu mentioned that "we are considering Southeast Asian market including Singapore and Vietnam as our major force" and also added that "we are constantly upgrading products and KIMES would be the turning point to introduce and sell newly developed robot spine treatment system"

Meanwhile, KIMES 2017 is Korea's largest exhibition for medical and hospital equipment. It presents new technology and products from all industries that have merged with the medical industry, such as ubiquitous healthcare through communication, medical waste facility that takes into account the environment, advanced hospital facility built with beautiful architectural technology, medical information system combined with IT, transportation for rapid patient transport from the automobile industry, etc.

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