[BEST OF KIMES 2017] WonTech, A Specialized Global Company for Laser Medical Equipment, Was Selected as TOP5
[ dahyun kim 2017-03-18 ]  

WonTech participated in 33rd KIMES 2017 that was held in COEX from March 16th (Thursday) to March 19th (Sunday) to be selected as 'Best of KIMES 2017'. 'Best of KIMES 2017' is selected by Aving News and awarded to the most recognizable company and product.

WonTech was founded in 1998 and with its technology in the field of laser medical equipment, it is functioning as a total skin beauty medical equipment company including laser, ultrasonic waves and RF. Currently, it is listed in KONEX index and equipped with various line-up that contains more than 50 models that are on sale. It recently expands its business area from B2C business such as personal hair loss treatment equipment 'Hair Beam' and personal skin care equipment 'Hifie' to surgical area for neurosurgery(spine). It holds 183 intellectual properties and with its accumulated technology, it is a global company that is exporting products to more than 50 countries including China.

Many exhibited products attracted the attention of visitors. 'Pico Care' is a real pico toning that is effective for epidermis and thick skin pigmented mole treatment such as freckle and blemish removal so that it enables minimal number for various colors of tattoo removal. In addition, Pastelle upgraded its previous pigment removal laser product that enables homogeneous energy investigation through constant output in wide area.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2017 is Korea's largest exhibition for medical and hospital equipment. It presents new technology and products from all industries that have merged with the medical industry, such as ubiquitous healthcare through communication, medical waste facility that takes into account the environment, advanced hospital facility built with beautiful architectural technology, medical information system combined with IT, transportation for rapid patient transport from the automobile industry, etc.

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