[Video] '33th International Medical Device + Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES 2017)' Sketch
[ SunKyu Lim 2017-03-16 ]  

The 33rd International Medical Device + Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES 2017), which will lead the advancement of the Korean medical industry, will be held from Thursday, 16th until the 19th (Sun).

This year's KIMES 2017 will be held on the theme of 'Smarter, Easier, Healthier', and 1,292 companies (including 155 domestic distributors) from 41 countries, including 579 domestic manufacturers, are providing medical and diagnostic equipment, clinical and inspection equipment, Equipment, medical equipment, rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy equipment, ophthalmology equipment, dental equipment, central supply room equipment, hospital equipment and emergency equipment, medical information system, oriental medicine equipment, skin care and health related equipment, Services, and medical supplies.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2017 is Korea's largest medical equipment and hospital facility exhibition. It is composed of ubiquitous healthcare through communication, medical waste facility considering environment, advanced hospital facility built with beautiful building technology, medical information system combined with IT technology, The automobile industry for transport, etc. The medical industry is introducing new technologies and new products that have been merged with all industries.

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