[BEST OF KIMES 2017] SG Mechatronics, Selected as TOP5 with its Assistive Robot, Angelegs
[ dahyun kim 2017-03-17 ]  

SG Mechatronics participated in the 33rd Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2017), held at COEX from March 16th to 19th and was selected as one of the 'BEST OF KIMES 2017'. 'BEST OF KIMES 2017' selected by Aving News is given to notable companies and products that have taken part in the exhibition.

SG Mechatronics is a company that engages in R&D, performs clinical trials and produces assistive robot, Angelegs, in cooperation with Sogang University research team and Yonsei University Severance Hospital to improve the mobility of the handicapped.

The key product, Angelegs, a wearable walking-aid robot, is a robot that supports the walking of patients suffering from partial paralysis, hemiplegia and temporary damage. User targets are people with disabilities who have peripheral nerve lesion, proximal pharynx, and other geriatric diseases, and the robot assists them by helping to improve their mobility.

The WalkON Suit was developed to allow people with difficulty in lower body movement to be free from wheelchairs. The WalkON Suit is a robust wearing robot that generates motion for the entire lower body. It has been especially designed for people who have been completely paralyzed in their lower body.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2017 is Korea's largest exhibition for medical and hospital equipment. It presents new technology and products from all industries that have merged with the medical industry, such as ubiquitous healthcare through communication, medical waste facility that takes into account the environment, advanced hospital facility built with beautiful architectural technology, medical information system combined with IT, transportation for rapid patient transport from the automobile industry, etc.

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