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The 24th Korean International Plastics & Rubber Show (KOPLAS 2017) was held at the 1st KINTEX Exhibition Hall in Goyang under the theme of "Plastic, meet the Smart Factory!".

This exhibition is sponsored by the Korean Association of ENX and the Korean Synthetic Resin Manufacturers Association for the developㅡment of the plastic and rubber industry in Korea, and the promotion of international trade by the related organizations and organizations such as the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Small and Medium Business Administration and the Korea Plastics Industry Cooperative Association.

The opening ceremony was attended by the KOPLAS exhibition, INTERMOLD KOREA and HARFKO, Korea Deputy Minister for Industry and Commerce, Kim Jung-Han, Vice President of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Kim Jin-ki, President of the Korea Plastics Industry Cooperative Association, KOPLAS Chairman Kim Chung-hwan of the Korean International Trade Association, Chairman of Korea Machine Tool Industry Association, Chairman of Wu Bingshu of the Asian Mold Association, Kim Dong-seop of the Korean Mold Industry, Chairman of the Cooperative Union, Honorary Chairman Kim Ji Dong Shin, Hydraulics Chairman, Kim Ikwan Hwang, Woojin Plating Chairman, Yoo Young Hee, Guidance Chairman, Yun Yoo Joong, Korea Electric Industry Chairperson, Lee In-pyo, Representative Haitien Korea Representative, Kim Younggil, Representative SM Platech, Kim Hak, Kwon Jae Young, Solutec Chairman, Representatives of Doosan Machine Tools, Kim Jae-seop, and Hyundai Wia General Manager, Lee Kang-hae.

KOPLAS 2017, the first of its kind since 1981, has been exhibited by 485 companies from 24 countries. It will hold international mold and related equipment exhibition and the Korean Air-conditioning and Cooperation Exhibition at the same time, ㎡, with more than 1,100 companies boasting 4,300 booths. More than 90,000 domestic and over 3,000 foreign buyers will visit the exhibition to showcase the best exhibits in the industry. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to experience Korea's plastic rubber industry, mold, and air conditioning industry by opening a new marketing field of domestic industry such as mutual exchange between plastic, metal mold, and the air conditioning industry.

In addition, KOPLAS 2017 provides a wide range of materials from plastic raw materials to processing machinery, related accessories, automation solutions, printing, packaging, semi-finished products and finished products. to provide.
The use of plastics and rubber in Korea's leading industries such as semiconductors, automobile parts, mobile phones, computers, and medical equipment has increased significantly, leading to the unmanned automation of processing machines for mass production of products, and the integration of technologies such as ultra-high precision equipment. The use of machining equipment is increasing, automation equipment and related parts as well as test measurement equipment and related services are exhibited.

Exhibits include machines that process materials such as raw materials and spare parts, semi-finished products and finished products, injection molding machines and extrusion molding machines, post-processing machines such as printing machines, adhesive machines, cutting machines, and packing machines, including rationalization machines such as feeders and temperature controllers, plastics such as timepieces and parts of machines and controllers, sensors, screws, cylinders, test and measurement instruments of products, rubber injection and extruders, O-ring inspectors, rubber finished products and semi-finished products, related books, and information services. In addition to the complete range of rubber-related equipment and products, the company also exhibited a large number of molds, packaging, and printing related items closely related to the plastics industry, greatly expanding the exhibition area and providing more information to domestic and overseas plastics and rubber industry and buyers.

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