[MWC 2017 Preview] P2P Finance Company Funded Gets Foreign Investment with Its Differentiated Credit Rating Tech
[ Park Ji Yeon 2017-02-20 ]  

P2P finance company Funded(CEO Minkwon Wang/Dongyoung Lee/Hyeonjung Choi) will participate in the global startup fair '4YFN', the joint event of 'MWC 2017' from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2 as the Common Sector of Smart Venture Startup School under Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Department to introduce its differentiated credit rating tech and receive foreign investment.

Funded applied for the patent on non-face-to-face ID authentication related technology. If this technology is applied to P2P finance service of which core consists of non-face-to-face channel loan application and review, lender's ID theft can be prevented inexpensively and effectively.

In addition, Funded works together with Korean university research team to upgrade Funded Scoring System(FSS) and is planning to introduce regression coefficient estimation method to credit rating model methodology to provide efficient and differentiated service.

Minkwon Wang, co-CEO of Funded, said "I feel proud that I have this opportunity to announce Korean P2P finance companies' potential to foreign countries", and express his aspiration, saying "I want to use our participation in this year's 4YFN to exchange with global startups and focus on mid-interest credit rating model technology development to get ahead in fast-changing financial market". Funded hopes to extend its business to the U.S., China, Philippines, Indonesia and etc..

Meanwhile, '4YFN(4Years From Now 2017)', the joint event of MWC 2017(Mobile World Congress 2017) is a startup fair consisting of fair, conference, competition, investors' meeting, and award. Startups, venture capitals and incubators with innovative technologies will be gathered for this event which is held in Fira Montjuic exhibition center for the same period as MWC 2017, from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2.

Aving News, the global news network that has been reporting most of issues on the world top 3 tech fairs, CES, MWC and IFA for last 10 years will send out special report team to this year's MWC to report major issues. In addition, as part of their project 'MADE IN KOREA & MADE BY KOREA', they will spot Korean MWC participant corporations to introduce them to the world.

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by Park Ji Yeon (www.aving.net)

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