[KOPLAS 2017 Preview] WEIMA Introduces WLK 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000
[ eunjung yu 2017-02-07 ]  

WEIMA will show WLK 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 at the '24th Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show(KOPLAS)' which runs from March 7th to 11 in KINTEX.

WEIMA recently revealed its newest shredder series. The innovative shredders are specially developed for all kinds of plastic material. They are convincing by their high output and flexibility in daily operation. No matter if it's purgings, containers, film or fiber – the new WLK-series tears up everything.

These days, where time always also is money, requirements on size reduction equipment can be very different. But all operators agree on two things their shredder need to fulfill: quick and easy handling and highest throughput. While, at other companies, this often leads to "either-or" solutions, WEIMA is able to combine those criteria to reach the optimum shredding result.

In order to accomplish this ambitious goal all shredders are serially equipped with swiveling screen downwards. The WLK 1000 and 2000 screens can even be lowered hydraulically. This ensures easier access especially when it comes to screen change or maintenance work.

Moreover, all shredders of the new WLK-series standard-wise have a log-spacer. The innovative design of the hopper in connection with larger filling volume allows the user to shred very big parts without bridging effects.

Another highlight is the segmented floor guidance of the shredders. The ram which is pushing the input material to the rotor will be guided more precisely – ideal for very thin material like film or fiber. At the same time jamming is prevented.

As usual, WEIMA shredders can be equipped, depending on the specific application, with a V- or F-rotor. While the rotor diameter of the WLK 800 is 252mm, the WLK 1000 and 2000 shredders have a rotor diameter of 368mm – full power for maximum output!

Meanwhile, 485 companies from 24 countries will enter in KOPLAS 2017. And about 1,320 booths will show superior plastic and rubber industrial products in one spot.

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