[2016 Product of the Year Video] 'Drogen', a Company that Specializes in a Drone
[ Myungjin Shin 2016-12-20 ]  

Drogen (Lee Hong Sin, CEO), a company that specializes in a drone, received 'VIP ASIA AWARDS 2016', in the category of sport drone & drone racing competition.

Drogen succeeded in developing a main board, firmware, motor, propeller, frame and canopy that are needed in a drone production on their own. The company is developing a new frame(100~600mm), PCB, F/C, 2207&2204&1806 BLDC motor and ROS technologies now. The company will provide the product to foreign markets like US, China, Australia beginning an export to Japan in last July.

The company will show a low and middle priced drone that can be changed and tuned easily as an open source form, catering for a further introductory drone market expansion. The company will show a cost competitive as their advantage through a localization that integrates a diverse technology and exploits a low priced special material.

Drogen participates in the world's largest IT exhibition 'CES 2017' on next Jan. in Las Vegas, US and targets North America market.

Meanwhile, 'VIP ASIA AWARDS' hosted by the global news network AVING NEWS selects winners of the market with innovative values ​​and technologies in Asia, which is the world's largest consumer market. The Product and the brand of awarded company are published in domestic as well as overseas media in text and video form.

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