Convergent Contents Enterprise, 'Mofac & Alfred' Introduces a New Domestic Trend Based on VFX and IP Animation
[ dahyun kim 2017-01-17 ]  

Mofac & Alfred is a specialized company based on convergence contents technology, which was formed by the merger of two companies, Mofac Studio Co., Ltd. and Alfred Imageworks Co., Ltd. in November 2015.

Mofac is the leading company that showed the beginning of Korea's VFX by solving the water simulation VFX (Visual Effect) of the film 'Haeundae'. Alfred is a cinema motion graphics company that produces famous works such as FIFA CF through its know-how.

Especially the director of the movie "The Attorney" and other film counselors worked together to focus not only on the technology but also on the story, and to introduce new trend in the formation of domestic market with strategy to expand and strengthen the power of movie prosperity to the animation market.

Mofac & Alfred's employee mentioned that the most memorable film and most successful movie in the industry was Haeundae VFX. The '7 Block' was a box-office hit, but it was the leading film made at the beginning of the stereoscopic conversion, and it covered the state-of-the-art VFX technology of Mofac.

Currently, orders for works from overseas markets such as China are being actively received. Mofac & Alfred is also in charge of the VFX of the film directed by Ji Sung-Chi, which is scheduled to open in January in China.

As a global strategy, it is developing Charles Dickens' original film "Life of Jesus" as an animation movie aimed at the US and Nordic markets with the main business of developing IP animation based on VFX.

MOFAC & ALFRED are inspired by people, aiming to deliver inspiration through unchanging content whenever they see it, making it a company value to produce works that share value and resonate.

We are constantly challenging the global animation market, which can be recognized overseas, and continue to conduct research and development to enhance its future value as next generation converged contents and compound contents.

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