[CES 2017] AR Media Works, Entered the World Market with 'PIOS' Platform Using Smart Glass
[ eunjung yu 2017-01-09 ]  

AR Media Works (CEO, Son Jung Bong) participated in the 'CES 2017 (Consumer Technology Show) that is the world's largest IT consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow held in Las Vegas in the United States from January 5th to January 8th as a Daegu Common Facility for the 3D Convergence Support Project of Daegu Technopark and exhibited a science puzzle system and 'PIOS' using smart glass.

This 'PIOS' uses vision picking to represent information such as products' zones and locations, order quantity, and others in an warehouse marked in Smart Glass (EYEWEAR) as if it was floating in the air using augmented reality technology. With this system, users can freely use their two hands and easily find necessary things in the warehouse.

Even more than that, a science puzzle system introduced by AR Media Works is a mobile augmented reality-based digilog puzzle system incorporated with an analog playing concept, which is helpful to develop sociability 5-7 year old kids and improve their creativity, inquiry ability, and concentration. Users can use their two hands and put the puzzle together. At the same time, this is a science teaching aid for them to confirm 3D image live in real time through Smart Glass (EYEWEAR) and discover and study their own mechanism combination.

Furthermore, the Daegu Technopark and Smart Venture Institute and Smart Drone Technology Center of Kyungpook National University opened 'CES Daegu Common Facility' and supported the exhibition operation of 22 domestic enterprises and business meeting with a buyer.

CES (Consumer Technology Show), which is the world's largest IT consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, is a good opportunity to figure out the flow of the global electronic industry at a glance and is held on every January by CTA (Consumer Technology Association).

Aving News Korea, which have reported issues of CES, MWC, and IFA as the world' three major technology exhibitions the most for the last 10 years, will send a special group  of reporters to CES, report main issues of the markets, and introduce Korean enterprises all over the world this year.

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by eunjung yu (www.aving.net)

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