[KES 2016] Nano Care Steam Therapy for Skin "Moistie"
[ Lim Jong Hee 2016-10-28 ]  

Purecell Korea(www.purecell1.com) introduced "Moistie" at Korea Electronics Show 2016, which runs Oct. 26-29 at COEX.

It's a Nano care steam therapy device that fills the dry skin with moisture and improves the skin's condition by the management of pores.

The mist that gets sprayed all over provides moisture and oxygen to the skin, and it completely removes the dirt and makeup from the pores. It helps relax the muscles in the skin, improve blood circulation, and maintain pH balance.

It also can spray the essence for a more effective whitening care. With this device, skin care that was possible only in skin care shops can be done at home.

Moistie has the internal safety system with the sensors that can detect the water level, distance, and the temperature so that it can be used safely. The spray strength and distance can also be adjusted. Users can turn on the LED light that is installed in the device, and it can be used at night during sleep to provide pH balance in skin.

CEO Koo Sung-deuk said, "We introduced Moistie to many people through KES. With Moistie, I would like my company to be placed as a home esthetic company in Korea and other Asian countries."

Hosted by MOTIE and organized by KEA, KES 2016 is the major international electronics and IT trade show in Korea where the convergence solution in the leading fields like electronics, ICT, semiconductors, and display and industry and IT convergence, digital broadcasting, smart education, smart factory, and e-health is displayed.

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