[K-Beauty Expo Award] Wishing Formula Program Cosmetics from Cotterang
[ Lim Jong Hee 2016-10-14 ]  

Cotterang received K-Beauty 2016 Editor's Choice Award with "Wish Formula Program Cosmetics" at K-Beauty Expo 2016, which ran Oct. 13-16 at KINTEX.

Wish Formula Program Cosmetics consists of Bubble Peeling Pad and I'm Pro Ampoule Pad.

Bubble Peeling Pad contains patented fermented peeling solution and peeling pad. It removes dead skin cells, dirt, and dust and provides vitamin C and fermented plant extract to the skin, making skin clear. Two types of pads are available, one for face and one for body.

I'm Pro Ampoule Pad is a home esthetic product patented with its pad and highly concentrated ampoule, maximizing the absorption of the formula to the skin.

Wishing Formula Program Cosmetics makes it easy to manage skin and put in nutrients to the skin, and it makes skin smooth and bright. It is effective for oxidization, moisturizing, dead cell removal, brightening, and nutrient supply.

There is also "The Bat Eye Mask", effective for removing wrinkles in between the eyebrows and the eyes. It contains centella, honey extract, and vitamin C to revive the eye area.

Panda Eye Essence Mask is the eye mask that improves the wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes, helping to clear the skin around the eyes with vitamin C and E.

Blackhead & Blackmask Home Spa Kit is a blackhead managment set that can remove the blackhead without any irritation. It contains nine natural extracts to remove the oil from the skin, and patented plant formula effectively manages the pores.

Cotterang has partnership with about 1,000 skincare companies and dermatology shops in Korea, providing professional skin care products.

Yu Chang-sun, the CEO of Cotterang, said, "We have about 70 items, and exporting them to Hong Kong, Macao, Europe, and the US. Also, we are going to focus on the Chinese market with the products that received sanitaion permission."

K-Beauty is the trade show especially designed for the beauty industry, with the latest products and trend in one spot. This year's show was prepared with tips for the Korean cosmetic companies to enter the global market.

The award "K-Beauty 2016 Editor's Choice" hosted by the official media partner of K-Beauty, AVING News is given to the companies with innovative products selected by the foreign media.

Five media with the power of influence in the beauty industry and consumers, MyFatPocket(www.myfatpocket.com), Sohu Fashion(fashion.sohu.com), VietnamPlus(www.vietnamplus.vn), The Rakyat Post(www.therakyatpost.com), and AVING News(kr.aving.net) have selected the most innovative products, and they have been displayed in a specially prepared section, "Top 10 Innovative Product Showcase".

The following is the list of 10 K-Beauty 2016 Editor's Choice.

♦ VietnamPlus
- Cotterang

♦ Sohu Fashion
- Raphas

♦ MyFatPocket
- BP Med Cosmetics
- Mimiang

♦ The Rakyat Post
- J&G Cosmetics
- YSJ Company

♦ AVING News
- Dreamcos
- Lalalees

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