[K-Beauty Expo Award] Professional Nail Brand "Passet"
[ Lim Jong Hee 2016-10-15 ]  

Lalalees introduced its professional nail brand "Passet" at K-Beauty Expo 2016, which ran Oct. 13-16 at KINTEX.

It is known as the luxury nail products in the nail industry. Its patented pure gel is healthier for the nails without the unhardened gel for easier artwork. With a wide variety of colors and feel, it is an outstanding nail product.

The F/W colors have been introduced in the show under the themes of "Simplicity", "Noble Classing", and "Dia Glitter Gel", with four colors for each theme.

Also, newly released LED gel lamp has been introduced. The patented high-output LED lamp dries the nails quickly, and the reflective mirror accelerates the speed. Weighing only 90g with the size of 10cm width and 6.5cm in height, it is a highly portable LED gel lamp. With its flip-type design, it folds and unfolds easily like a flip phone. It can be charged by micro-5 pin charger.

Lee Yoon-sook, the CEO of Lalalees, said, "Our products are being used not in Korea, but also in the US, China, Japan, and Hong Kong. They will be available in Asia and Eastern Europe. With our professional brand "Passet", retail brand "Lala", and the brand in China "Wev Palet", we will become the nail brand that is loved by the world."

K-Beauty is the trade show especially designed for the beauty industry, with the latest products and trend in one spot. This year's show was prepared with tips for the Korean cosmetic companies to enter the global market.

The award "K-Beauty 2016 Editor's Choice" hosted by the official media partner of K-Beauty, AVING News is given to the companies with innovative products selected by the foreign media.

Five media with the power of influence in the beauty industry and consumers, MyFatPocket(www.myfatpocket.com), Sohu Fashion(fashion.sohu.com), VietnamPlus(www.vietnamplus.vn), The Rakyat Post(www.therakyatpost.com), and AVING News(kr.aving.net) have selected the most innovative products, and they have been displayed in a specially prepared section, "Top 10 Innovative Product Showcase".

The following is the list of 10 K-Beauty 2016 Editor's Choice.

♦ VietnamPlus
- Cotterang

♦ Sohu Fashion
- Raphas

♦ MyFatPocket
- BP Med Cosmetics
- Mimiang

♦ The Rakyat Post
- J&G Cosmetics
- YSJ Company

♦ AVING News
- Dreamcos
- Lalalees

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