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2016 IT Convergence Expo Korea is the expo that showcases the products and technology of the latest ICT and convergence in Korea and abroad. It started on Aug. 24, co-hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Daegu Metropolitan City, and Gyeongbuk Province under the theme of "ICT, Beyond Imagination!"

On its 11th run in the city of IT and mobile convergence industry base in Korea, 200 companies are exhibiting the latest smart cars, IoT, VR, drones, 3D printing, mobile, fintech, and LED industry in 700 booths. Also, the scholars from Korea and other countries prominent in the industry will be presenting the study results in the area in ICT convergence conference and other events.

The hottest ICT issue right now is smart car. The auto part companies and research institutes will be showcasing futuristic cars and related technologies and products here. Gyeongbuk Institute of IT Convergence Industry Technology will be introducing the software, testing technologies, and sensor convergence technologies that meet the automobile function safety international standards of ISO26262. It also will be showcasing its unmanned parking system using smartphone and voice recognition technology. Korea Intelligent Automobile Parts Promotion Institute will be showing automated driving car policies and core part technologies.

In SK Telecom booth, smart sensor-based IoT service for "Futuristic Smart City" can be tried out. It will be showing smart node, the action controlling system with the data acquired from the sensors real-time, protection system for the socially challenged, smart parking, smart farm, and smart home, all the smart technologies that can make people's lives more valuable and convenient.

National Information Society Agency(NIA) will be introducing smart car-talk actual environment building project and Innocar service. Innocar is connecting smartphone and OBD by Bluetooth pairing, and it informs the driver the driving speed, information on main parts, and keeps record of the driving speed to create big data. There are ten companies that are fostered by NIA that will be showcasing their latest prototypes and findings, and KT and Daily Healthcare Substantial Project Organization will also join the showcase. NIA has been cooperating with Daegu since 2015 for stimulating the regional economy with ICT.

The drone special zone will be occupied by Gryphon Dynamics, one of Korean-made drone makers in Daegu, DJI and Yuneec from China, and Helsel from Korea. Also, other drone-related companies like BS Holdings, Kids Rider Korea, Hogreen Drone, and Mascot Korea will be exhibiting there.

Also, AR and VR, which became a big issue with the worldwide hit of Pokemon Go, will be exhibited at the show. One of the exhibitors Han Young Engineering is a 4D simulator maker that made Korea's first 4D-VR simulator. Its technology has been proven and it has implemented the VR Hall in National Science Museum. There are all kinds of 4D and VR tryouts available, including racing, driving, bike riding, and paragliding. Andong Software Industry Association introduced its full-body experience fps VR defense game that solved the problem of nausea and sickness when playing VR games.

Other IT supporting institutes that are exhibiting are Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI), Daegu Technopark Mobile Convergence Center, Gyeongbuk Software Convergence Center, and Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute.

In line with the increase of international conferences, Se Young Information and Telecommunication, a wireless transmitter company, is introducing its WiWi digital wireless audio solution. Also, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Adic, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST) are jointly introducing MSIP's future growth drive flagship project "Carribot."

From China in the midst of the issues of THAAD have worsened the relationship with Korea, the cities of Tsingdao and Weifang still have prepared 19 ICT companies from their regions to attend the show to have business opportunities with Korea.

The export consultation was co-prepared by KOTRA and Tsingdao with 35 buyers from eight countries to be held on Aug. 25.

12 Sessions, 44 Speakers, Smart City, Internet Cat Theory... IT Convergence Conference

The IT Convergence Conference has been expanded from last year. Some of the topics include NIA's healthtech forum, SK Telecom's LoRa-based IoT, VR/AR industry trend and application, the present and future of drone industry in Korea.

World Triple Future Strategy Studies Federation, Korean Association of Data Science, and Yeungnam University Cyber Sentiment Institute have co-prepared a special session titled "Smart City that Opens Big Data and Artificial Intelligence" (Waltraut Ritter, Hong Kong). About 200 specialists including Lee Yeon-ok, professor of University of London SOAS will be attending to check the possibility of the smart city in the future. Also, Dylan Eric Wittkower from the US, Andrew Herman of Canada's Wilfrid Laurier University, and Adrienne Massanari of the US's University of Illinois Chicago will be demonstrating the combination of cats and ICT under the title of "Cat is Taking over the Internet."

In new technology product presentation, Prototech, Greencom, Efram, and Thymos will be showing their latest items and solution, and MSIP will be introducing SOS 1379 to help out companies in need for technology support and paperwork.

The 2nd FPV Drone Racing Championship

Last year's FPV Drone Racing Championship has been expanded this year. The drone racing will be held on Aug. 24 and 25. In this year's contest, the race will be divided into two categories, professional racers and general.

This year's show is expected to be a great chance to take a glimpse on how ICT will make the future better, along with the hottest ICT trend expressed by the technology, products, academic knowledge, and information.

Free prizes including iPad Pro 9.7, GoPro, LG Mini Beam, Home CCTV, Bluetooth speakers, and Kakao Friends USB will be given to the visitors.

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